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Has anyone had the deep nerve injection?

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I've just left the hospital after my appt with a neuro surgeon and he has told me while my discs and vertebrae show signs of degeneration, I'm not quite at surgical level yet so he has put me on the waiting list for deep nerve injections to anethnatise (sp?!) the nerves to block out the pain.

Can't decide how I feel about this right now, I'm relieved to not have to be opened up but disappointed to not be getting a permanent solution. I wondered if any of you have had this kind of injection - how did you find it and what difference it made to your quality of life?

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Hi Mistee I am at the surgical level but I have had 2 further consultant appointments stating not to have operation only when I can't walk because the risks involved. I have had the injections 3 times first two lots gave me relief between 6 to 8 weeks last ones I had in September no relief at all. I have since had another MRI scan which showed up further problems. I had epidural when I had my injections I don't know if you are going NHS or private. Take care. Xxx

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Oh god only 6-8 wks?! I was hoping for more than that :'(

I'm going nhs unfortunately, I gave up my private health insurance about 6m ago when I found out they didn't cover fertility treatments - at the time of giving it up, the closest thing I'd had to a diagnosis for my back was 'your just one of those unlucky people who will be plagued by back pain for the rest of your life, it's just one of those things and you'll just have to keep taking paracetamol and ibuprofen for it' you'll not be surprised to hear I'm no longer a patient at that practice!!

I'm sorry to hear your last injection didn't help and I hope you manage to get some relief whatever you decide to do!! Xx

Hallo Mistee,

I had an injection into a nerve in my spine last June, under anaesthetic, after my MRI scan showed age-related wear & tear of the facet joints in my lower spine together with damage to a nerve caused by an over-enthusiastic adjustment to my spine by a chiropractor. Ouch! My consultant said he would just give the nerve bloc injection at that point and it has been marvellous, I can now walk and stand to prepare meals etc,, neither of which I could do before, 3 minutes of each being my limit. I am 76. I believe he will only do one more injection as it does appear to be less successful the more you have, but so far I do not need it. It has made such a difference to my life so I would say go ahead. It is done under sedation so that they can see by xray exactly where to put the needle. I was back in the room after 15 minutes. I would suggest that you ask for a senior consultant to do the procedure as I was not satisfied with the consultation I had with the gentleman lower down the scale, having been shown the wrong scan at first and told I had a prolapsed disc, and this was not explained to me when I was shown another scan telling me (which it turned out was the correct one) that I had the facet problem and at first he said they could do nothing for me. It meant waiting longer for the treatment but it was certainly worth it and I felt better almost immediately.

So I do hope you can have your problem resolved in a similar way.

Very best wishes, Chrissy

I'm 60 & have had deep bilateral spinal facet joint injections as a diagnostic tool to decide whether permanent facet joint denervations were appropriate for my version of long term chronic spine pain. the diagnostic deep injection worked, numbing my pain for a week or so. So, my first set of denervations was shortly after that injection in 1998, & since then I've had 3 more of these denervation procedures, to my cervical spine + my lumbar & sacral spine. These procedures have helped me enormously but I have had to do a lot of physio & lifestyle management too ongoing

In '98, before i got onto these injections, an NHS neuosurgeon had booked me in for a double cervical discectomy, saying that was all they could offer me, as years on NSAIDs & analgesics hadn't helped my spine pain. But I knew my 2 cervical slipped discs weren't impinging on either my spinal cord or my nerve roots, and I'd done enough research to know this meant full on cervical discectomy was not appropriate: surgery of that sort is major and has a high rate of side effects. So, as my surgery date approached, after months of waiting, I insisted on a last minute neurosurgery review & convinced the registrar to refer me to the chronic pain consultant. It was that pain consultant who gave me the first diagnostic deep spine injections and figured out I was a candidate for full on denervations, which he then went on to perform on me over the years.

So, am wishing you all the best

Hi mister..sorry just saw your message I have had this done its a long needle with a camera on end they put blue dye in .then get to place were sore..they serdated me and I still couldn't sit still..they doped me up..I just couldn't..hate needles..x

One of many things they tried..must did something..made my leg pain worse..I am waiting for my 2 and operation now..dreading it..has first one left me worse off..but my last MRI scan was bad..so they told me have too...

Mistee thats what I had on 4th feb and unfortunately it hasn't worked for me but we are all diff .as I said I see consultant tomorrow .. I know that I will be having vanother mri .. but again waiting . Seein as mri last is 2 yrs old .. something is not right . . Painkillers arnt working . Even tho on highest dose . My gp said next step is morphine but I don't want to go down that road I am 49 btw . Worked all my life . Was tobogganing in snow last yr with kids . And regular visitor spinning clssses zumba metafit .. an now this it ruining my life even sex is not as often .. as me and my partner eere active we still manage by side . An are intimate in other ways .. xxx

I have this injection every few months it does help the pain it gives me I bit of my life back ,I'd recommend them to anyone who suffers chronic pain it give a little bit of respite ,Ive had them done under ex ray whilst awake,I don't like it it's not nice but it's worth it in my experience

I also have injections into the facet joints

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Can I ask how you get the injection every few months when I can only have one more? are you paying ? sorry to pry, just interested.

Hope you have a pain free time, would love to have a life back even for a few months at a time.

Wish you well, I truly do.

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I attend the pain clinic on nhs I have 3 injections per year ,I have 3 at at time facet joint ,and saciliac joints

Hello, had said injection November last year, Totally painless, however, was unable to walk on leg for several hours afterwards so need support. Initially it changed the quality of my life tremendously, was pain free for the first time in so long, was delighted with the result. Was informed that some people are lucky enough for it to be a long term solution and others less lucky. Sadly for me it only lasted approx. six weeks. The pain has returned in my buttock and leg. Would jump at the chance of another injection. Am pushing for another.

Best of luck and hope you get release long term.

well its fair to say im sh*tting myself for getting it done and I think.I'veheard more bad reports than good so Im not getting my hopes up....thank you tho to all who have replied xx

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backisbad in reply to Mistee

You will be ok, it's a doddle compared to suffering. Hopefully it will change your life . I reiterate, no shi?ting needed. I had a heart recharge the same week, am no tough girl, however, it was a breeze compared to the long term pain.

Be confident and take it easy.

Wishing you the best.

aw thanks backisbad, I'vejust foynd out today that I have to gave 2 urological procedures done too, both under a general so I'mwell and truly fed up. it'llmean more time off work which really stresses me out :-( still, my urologistis a rock star, without him I wouldn'thave ever gotten an mri never mind be waitingfor the injections as my gp and pain clinic would still be passing responsibility to the other and at least now there is light

*light at the end of the tunnel!

Thanks every one x

Both my hubby and I have. And the injections helped me avoid surgery completely. My hubby had 2 major disc herniations, and had to have 2 major surgeries. Now he is in pain 24/7 unless he is taking his methadone and oxycodone. The deep injectons help both of us.

The deep injections, epidurals, facet injections and radio frequency abalations have really help us both, really improved our quality of life :) I cannot urge you strong enough to try them. What do you have to lose? I have never had sedation, I'm "a tough old bird" the pain of the injection is much less than the intensity of the really bad days, it's totally worth it, find a good pain management man and beg if necesary :)

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