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good news or bad

mum has ovca stage 3c, had op and kidney stent insertion and also splenectomy although we never knew why splenectomy, also diagnosed osteoperosis, is on oxycontin and oxynorm for this, finished 6 cycles carbo chemotherapy, latest scan shows tumour shrank from abt 16cm to less than 2cm, also showd minute nodules on peritenum but they didnt think were cancerous, maybe scar tissue, does this sound hopeful?

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I am one of the support line nurses at Ovacome. We are sorry to hear of what your mother has been going through. From what you say it sounds as if she has responded well to the chemotherapy because the tumour has shrunk so much. They will obviously want to keep an eye on things on a regular basis but at this moment you should be encouraged by her response. If you would like to discuss this further do please feel free to give us a ring on 02072996650 Mon- Fri 10-5



Today is the first anniversary of my operation for ovca. I also had a splenoctomy and some nodules removed from the peritenium and the liver. All went well and I have been in remission since January. I also had a large tumour and the chemo shrunk it a lot.

Have been back at work a few months now. Really tired though but have an underactive thyroid. Hope all goes well for your mum.


thanks very much for your replies, it means a lot, and anne good luck x


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