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Good news and a bad day

What a couple of weeks. Last monday i was up for my mid term ct scan. Out by 6 pm, last scan!! So we went to see the lights in Oxford street, even managed to get a short walk round Harrods before my hubbie got bored, he doesn't do shops!! Tuesday this week it was see the onc for the results, and good news, everything is shrinking and ca125 down to 247 from 882. Thursday was treatment day, so we found a campsite at gatwick, and came up Wednesday night, to go to gatwick station and get into Victoria ready for my overnight. Guess what! after waiting around all day at the hospital they decide at 5pm there was no bed for me....... Wonderful. The best they could offer was a b&b up the road. We decided to go back to the van at gatwick and drive up to the hospital today, as there was no pitches tonight spare, and my hubbie had a business meeting at 3.30 this afternoon, so he dropped me off and went home. The best laid plans....... I have now had my treatment so he has to drive up again tomorrow to collect me. What a good job it was good news to start with!

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So glad it was good news, but sorry you've had such a day!! I hope that, however inconvenient the treatment, the outcome continues to be improvement after improvement.

Very best wishes,



I am so pleased to hear your good news, but the best laid plans etc. what a shame you have had the mess-up with the bed availability. However, it is great news that the treatment seems to be working well. So pleased. Hope all goes smoothly tomorrow.

Love Wendy xx


Oh dear that sounds dreadful, thank goodness it was all against a good news background -- it must have been easier for you both to bear, even if very annoying! May your CA125 continue to drop and drop...




A sort of curates egg experience! Glad all has sorted now and you've had your treatment and things are moving up, except, of course, for the CA125 which, quite properly, is moving in the opposite direction!

Here's to a better experience next time!

Love M!


Dear Viv

I'm always to pleased to read your blogs to hear how you're getting on - and this one - whilst very frustrating - was in the end very good news for Christmas. However that experience must make you absolutely exhausted and very frustrated with the incompetence of the system. This isn't the first time it's happened so I hope it's all acknowledged in your local area cancer care report that has been circulated to MPs. It really isn't good enough to have someone travel to London to be turned away at the last minute and offered bed and breakfast. Poor you!

Anyway I'm just hoping you can look forward to Christmas now with the CA125 definitely going in the right direction. Congratulations on that.

Let us know how you're getting. I often think of you. xxxx love Annie


Sending you my very best wishes love x G x :-)


So pleased to hear your good news, CT125 going down is always good news!

Must have been so nice to see the Oxford Street lights, I'm sure you enjoyed that. Just sorry that you were messed around at the hospital, must have been so frustrating, glad treatment went well.

Have a lovely Christmas and I'm praying for a Happy New Year for us all.

Love LInda xx


Good news about the ca125 and that the nasties are shrinking but sorry you had such a frustrating experience. (I had the reverse yesterday. Discovered that I'd been booked for the long awaited cystogram last Tuesday. Shame no one thought to tell me in advance :(

So now I'm a disgraced DNA.)

Anyway hope all runs more smoothly for you in the future. Fingers crossed.

Love Mary xx


ha ha - that's a new 'take' on the report that people don't attend appointments early in the week. I don't think the report enquired as to whether the NHS remember to inform patients of appointments in advance.

Actually pretty shoddy considering you actually work for them too!

When will you receive your next appointment? In the circumstances I hope they fit you in to a Monday Cancellation.

xxx Annie


Hi Annie

I've got a provisional appointment for Tuesday morning. They weren't able to confirm this as the key person needed for confirmation was involved in an audit all day on Friday. (I wonder if it was an audit concerning the number of DNAs? :)

Love Mary xx


lol - just as well you still have a sense of humour about it!!! xxx


I could't help but think of the Monty Python film in the hospital theatre with all the surgeons and high tech equipement including the machine that goes "ping". Only one thing missing, What is it? "Ah yes, the Patient!" :) xx


Sounds like a nightmare, but nice to read good news, you must be very happy.

LA x


Hi Greybadger

You have to laugh or you would cry, PPC now returned for second time, had last chemo 29th Dec last year. (Almost a year living normally) After asking for a scan the results are that it is back! Cisplatin and paclotaxel this time as i was allergic to carboplatin second time around. Spoke to Oncologist about different delivery method. i.e straight into the abdomen - non conclusive so here we go again, hair loss et al. Feeling a bit down as is hubby and family, but they are brilliant and were worried that I would refuse treatment this time. going back to see oncologist mid Jan to get things started - I was told to enjoy Xmas and new year and not to discount my daughters wedding in las Vegas in September. We try to get on with life as best we can, but the elephant is still in the room.

Treatment is still the same as 10 years ago - what reaserch has been carried out? - if you do not have a family history of OC they dont check BRCA, give me a weekly pill to take to keep it at bay! - when are they going to develop such a thing.

I know you have been through the mill several times and i admire your positive attitude, maybe tomorrow i will get mine back. the good news is that it has not spread outwith my abdomin.

Hubby and i are bikers - but are looking at motorhomes to make life easier and still be able to go on our usual weekend trips and holidays.

Love to all you ladies



Hi there Viv ..

So pleased to hear that you have had some good news re the CA125 ....

Hope you enjoyed your mini peak round Harrods .. yet to meet a man that like shopping ...

Happy Christmas Viv xxx

Love Jan xxx


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