Good news from the front!

I saw my gynae yesterday! As a result of the agonising sciatica I had had loads of blood tests, all systems are functioning well and I was spared the physical exam due to the pain! Next review in 3 months.

I also saw the senior physio and had neurological tests! He tells me that the pain is probably the result of the effects of chemo on muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves! He is recommending a different type of pain control using drugs that act on the nervous system like anti depressants (I had heard that vallium is used for pain control in people who are allergic to anaesthetic). He is also recommending another MRI to establish the extent of the muscle and nerve damage and, possibly, epidural injections. I can't help but wonder if this would have been so bad if I had not refused the epidural at the time of my last op!

Ah well! At least things are moving in a positive direction and I feel very well (as long as I stay on my feet LOL!)


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  • Hi Margaret. Sciatica is such a pain, literally. But it's great that it's nothing more sinister. Hope the new medication works for you.



  • Hi Margaret,

    I was given Amitryptyline for a nerve pain when my tumour was resting on a nerve, it is given in higher doses for depression....but much smaller doses for a nerve pain apparently it is meant to be very successful for this.. I don't know if they are any good as I didn't bother to take them as I was about to start chemo so thought there was no point best wishes x G x :-)

  • Hi Margaret sorry you have this on top of everything else . There is a drug amitryptilline that can be used for pain relief maybe this one . If the back is going into spasm they may recommend something like diazepam. It is good to get the pain relief sorted as this will help with being able to do the exercises . The epidurals should help with the pain/help with confirming diagnosis and the exact discs that are causing the problem for you and reduce the inflammation . Keeping mobile is good but nothing that is going to exert too much strain . Hope you get this all sorted soon as know how sore back pain can be



  • Walking is about the only thing that is comfortable! I bought myself a wheeled shopping bag so I can walk to my local shops, about 1/2 a mile away, and get my necessities. I do feel relieved to know what caused this and that it is not metastesis. If the cancer moves into the spine I will be seriously impaired.

    More good news! On Monday I learn to irrigate the stoma giving me back some control over that and removing the need to wear a bag! I shall, I hope, just have a plug! Yippee!

    M xxx

  • Thanks for the info on amytriptyline! I was a bit wary of antidepressants as I spent much of my marriage under the influence of what I refer to as the 'chemical cosh' in one form or another but, believe me, if they told me to hang upside down from my toes and drink bleach to relieve this pain I would happily do it!

    M xxx

  • Hi margaret my mum takes amatryp for her back pain and it really works.. Don't be scared to take it. Have you thought about reflexology to help with pain relief etc...?

  • Thanks for that Lisa! I Thought about reflexology but the neuroathy in my feet has me wondering if it will work.

    The physio recommended leaving the chiropractor off in the short term! I feel slightly better today, no doubt some of the discomfort was the result of the feeling that nothing was being done about it.


  • Hi Margaret ..

    Feel for you with your back pain ..have had it in my ride side of my back for years on and off ..doing what I do does not help ..private house cleaning ..but I like what I do ...

    I was going to also suggest Amitryptyline too as its very good in low doses for pain relief .

    I did try it for my post traumatic migraines back in 04 but it did not help with them but it has helped a friend of ours who has MS and the pain he has with it .

    I do normally see a chiropractor for my back but not since I have been having the chemo as he sorts out my back for me ..

    There is something else called the Bowen treatment ..we have a friend that does it ..called the light touch would have too have a look on the net about it ....

    Would a tens machine bring any relief to the pain and discomfort ???

    Hoping you can find some help very soon xxx

    love Janet xx

  • Hi Margaret,

    Sorry you are having all this as well as everything else, but so, so glad that the cancer seems to be keeping quiet at the moment and you are feelin well apart from the back pain. I get a sciatica-like pain, which my GP says is not sciatica :-/ back ache is so wearing isn't it?

    My Mum had a back op on the nerves at the base of her spine recently and was given something called gabapentin for nerve pain. She still takes it twice a day now Nd it has helped the nerve pain and a pain which is like sciatica. She had lots of trapped nerves at the base of her spine which had to be released by emergency op.

    Hoping the medical team can find a good tablet for you and allow you to enjoy even more good times! Well done for the stoma progress too. It's all a step towards feeling more in control of things :-)

    Love Wendy xx

  • Thanks Wendy!

    It is my leg rather than my back that is giving the most bother!

    Mealtimes resemble a Roman Orgy as I recline on my left side and eat only thins I can eat one handed. Any one got a spare hunky slave boy to peel my grapes for me? A little eye candy might take my mind off the discomfort!


    M xxx

  • P.S. i am featuring in a Target OC leaflet about living with a colostomy! The photograher is coming tomorrow! I shall have to paint on a credible smile! LOL!


  • Guess what 'necessities' I bought today.

    Loads of fruit, fresh fish and 2 bottles red wine going for 1/2 price at Sainsbury's Local!

    I get my priorities right! I am now testing the wine to make sure it was worth the effort! Tomorrow I may buy more before it sells out!

    LOL! (or should it be 'giggle'?)


  • Enjoy!!


  • Wonderful news that you are disease free for another three months. Bad news about the pain. But there are myriad remedies that might help and hopefully one will. Take care and enjoy another lease of life.


  • Hi again as long as you go to a reflexologist who has knowledge and experience with clients that have neuropathy you should be ok. Perhaps your local hospital or hospice can recommend one of their volunteer reflexologists. have you tried sitting on a wedge shaped cushion that tips your pelvis forward? May help. Fingers crossed x

  • Many thanks Lisa! I shall ask the Hospice! at the moment I am unable to drive which restricts my range somewhat! still it is slightly less intolerable today!


  • hi margaret

    pleased u had good news and that u get help with the paid..

    take care and god bless


  • Thanks Shen!

    This is such a supportive site! Where else can one get support from friends in the middle of the night?

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