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I hesitated in writing this post because to be honest I feel guilty in a way which maybe seems silly but that's the way I feel because I feel so very lucky and I know not all ladies here are as lucky as me but we are all on the same journey. Latest scan results still all clear, no evidence of disease 27 months in remission, on a trial drug (third). Maybe, just maybe, this post will give some people hope. Diagnosed Stage 3 OC on Oct 11 2007 (Date of operation) , with a prognosis of less than 2 years - 2 recurrences later, 3 cycles of chemo, three trial drugs, currently no evidence of disease. I wish we were all at the same stage in our journey and I wish each and everyone of you ladies that reads this post all the very best. Big Hugs all round . Kathy xx

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  • Wow that's amazing and I'm glad you posted. I was 3c in April 2012, similar number of recurrences and prognosis. Back on the chemo trail at present but this gives me hope.

    Keep doing what you're doing and enjoy your NED!

    Beth x

  • Well maybe I did something right in posting good news if it gives just one person hope. Kathy xx

  • That's great news. I think sharing positive outcomes is great for the morale of everyone, and who better to share it with than us.

    Hope OC continues to leave you in peace to enjoy life

    LA xx

  • Thanks Lily. I'm following your posts at the moment and want to send you the Biggest Virtual Hug I can muster.I hope you too find peace to continue to enjoy life. Kathy xx

  • HI Kathy, well done indeed you must be over the moon, it is good to hear good news because that we all have to hope. Dont ever be afraid to post because all the ladies on here are together through good and bad. It is a boost to know there is a drug around the corner, stay well

  • I am happy, if a little humble as in 'why me' which is a question I didnt ask when I was diagnosed funnily. Just wish all the ladies here could have such good news xx

  • Hi Kathy,

    It's great news and encouragement to all of us . Big day for me tomorrow so hoping there is a trial I can take part in too. Thanks for posting


  • All the best for tomorrow, please let us know how you get on . Kathy xx

  • Hope all goes well today Kris. Update us please. Xxx

  • Brilliant news Kathy and like the other ladies have stated gives us all hope for our journeys too

    May it long continue x

  • Hi there,

    I'm so pleased for you!! You give us all hope!! Didn't you have a bit of a scare a little while ago with your blood marker or am I imagining it?

    May it continue for a long long time.

    Can I just ask why you were given such a poor prognosis at first?

    Lisa xxx

  • Hi Lisa. No I didnt have a scare with blood markers but I did have lower back pain which turned out to be arthritis. I have no idea why I was given a poor prognosis. My coping mechanism is not to ask for staging, grading etc but I did know I was Stage 3 as my mum had OC years ago and my knowledge of the disease was prob better than most when I was first diagnosed and I have since seen the staging written down. Both my surgeon and the Macmillan Nurse said (abruptly) my prognosis was poor and less than 2 years. To be honest my mum was told she had less than 5 years and lived about 15/16 years with no recurrence . We are all different I suppose. I had an uncle who had cancer, cant recall what type as I was quite young at the time but he was given 2 weeks to live. He lived nearly 2 years. Kathy xx

  • That's great Kathy. Gives us all a boost to keep going, especially when we're going through a rough patch. Long may it continue for you. Ali x

  • Hi Kathy, thank you for posting, it was lovely to read such a positive post. Long may your remission continue. Ann xo

  • That's wonderful news Kathy!!! Don't feel guilty silly lady, it gives us all hope which is always very welcome. 😀👍.

    It's a beautiful crisp sunny morning here and you've just made it even brighter. Thankyou. 🌞🌼 xxx

  • Kathy so happy for you may ned be with you forever , it's lovely to hear a good news story best wishes . Jue

  • Hi Kathy

    I hope nobody ever worries about posting good news. It's great to read positive stories and imagine if this group was only about bad news. I'm really delighted all is going so well. Long may that continue!!!

    Sending love xx Annie

  • Hi Kathy

    Lovely to hear positive news and grateful that you have shared with us. Gives us a little bit of the "that could be me" vibe.


    Dawn xx

  • Ooh never apologise, am sure each and every one of us is highly delighted to hear your wonderful news.

    X x

  • This is so heartwarming to hear on a snowy Saturday...... I was diagnosed April 2007, a little before you. I've had more recurrences but heck I'm still here, and reading posts like yours gives me, and I know, so many of us a real lift! Merylx

  • Hi Meryl, how are you doing at the moment, are you currently in remission?

  • Hi Kathy. I have been, until the last few weeks, sighs. I had been on caelyx and trabectidine, but my CA125 has rocketed recently (CA125 is always a sure sign for me). Off for a scan next week and a consultation with my wonderful oncologist to discuss next treatment. So I'm spending this weekend in pure indulgence, took my god-daughters to see Craig Revel Harwood in Annie last night (and organised for them to meet him as a surprise), seeing Spectre with my husband, doing lots of Xmas shopping - isn't the internet wonderful - and currently scoffing the most enormous coffee eclair😄. Onwards and upwards to all of us, Meryl x

  • Hi Meryl. My CA125 is my indicator as well. Sorry to here yours is on the move but it doesnt sound like its holding you back! you go girl! Good luck with your scan and consultation, keep me posted, Kathy xx

  • Hi Kathy, so glad you posted this, its made my day! This site would be a darker place if no one ever posted good news, and yours has probably given all of us a much needed lift in spirits.

    Hope your good health and NED continues for a very, very, very long time,

    Love Brenda xx

  • Hi Kathy,

    Incredibly news, and I am over the moon for you.

    It gives us all renewed faith that somewhere along the way we have hope, and sometimes that is all we can think about.

    Can I ask which trial drug you have been on that has been so successful? I know we all have to meet certain criteria to meet these conditions and just interested for future reference.

    I am currently on my third line chemo, diagnosed in October 2011 1C clear cell, and serous cells and having an uphill battle dealing with yet another chemo and have decided to give up work to concentrate on getting through this whereas before I have worked through it all, which I found incredibly difficult.

    You have really uplifted me with your good news, and thank you so much for letting us know.

    Much love janette xxx

  • Hi Janette, Im currently on Olaparib as I have the BRAC2 gene. Originally when I was diagnosed I took Avastin for a year and had a remission of just under four and a half years. Then I took Cediranib and had a remission of about 18 months. This time Ive been in remission for 27 months so far with latest scan showing no evidence of disease. I wish you well with your latest chemo! I remember how tough it is. Im certainly not looking forward to the cancer returning just yet but know its lurking round the corner! Im glad my update has given you a boost , stay strong. Love Kathy xx

  • Love this post. I'm sure you've have inspired many of us. Never feel guilty for good news we need to hear it.

    I had a year treatment free and back on second line. I'm BRCA 1 and going on a trial of Olaparib next. I'm hoping this gives me a break from chemo for a while


  • Hope the trial goes well for you Julie. Ive tolerated it well and my onc says that he has ladies who have been on it well over 3 years and still going strong xx

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