GOOD NEWS Tumours shrunk!!!!!

Thought I'd share my good news!!!!!

Had my 4th chemo out of 6 yesterday, and also got my scan results!!!! Tumours have pretty much shrunk by half!!!!!!!!Yipeeeeeeee!!

Feel so wonderful and have been out today if only to drive my daughter to school!!!!!

There is good news out there. Really must try hard and keep to my low sugar diet and keep up the meditation!!!!!!

Love and good health to you all!!!!!xxxxxx

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  • Fabulous news for you! I had different news to this today but still not all bad, will write a blog post xx So happy for you

    What chemo are you on by the way?

    Kate x

  • would love to hear ur newsxx

  • hi how r u?

    My chemo is carb/taxol...same as first time.

    Hpw about you?xx

  • Well done you!

    I'm so pleased to hear it.


  • Wonderful news,so pleased for you,Love Sue xx

  • Hi Florence,

    You clever bunny! I am so happy for you.

    Love Lizzie


  • Thank are you?xx

  • Hi Florence,

    Tyring to keep my chin up despite bloating, breast biopsy on Monday and no response to any chemo....yet.

    I am looking forward to snuggling down over the weekend if it snows tomorrow. I would say with my husband...but he's let me down and got a cold, so no snuggling with him! They have put me on anti-biotics anyway, because of my blood count and the biopsy on Monday.

    Bet you wish you hadn't asked now! LOL!

    Love Lizzie


  • lizzie ur much humour and love of the world.......hope biopsy goes well on monday...keep us posted...what chemo r u on at the moment....xxxx

  • Hi Florence,

    Since carboplatin/taxol did not do much for me - I am on caeylx this time around.

    Snuggled down on the sofa most the afternoon watching the snow fall - so pretty - but I was out and about this morning, despite looking and feeling like a whale.

    Not amazing at all. Just accepting of my fate, but trying not to give up hope I can find something to slow it for a while.

    Love Lizzie


  • Really great news. Hold on to that wonderful feeling!

    Love Sarah

  • Thank you.....funnily enough I'm into day 2 of my 4th chemo and feel so much better than must be because I'm just sooooo happy.

    How are you?xx

  • I am happy too! The trial drug is working. Its not a cure but...I have got extra time that I didn't think I would get.

    Everything seems so precious and wonderful. Yes I realise I sound unhinged but when you know you could lose it all...

    I know, its wonderful just fulfilling the normal role of being a Mum - like taking them to school. Behaving like a normal Mum.


  • A normal Mum but with big knockers! ;-) Can you believe I have a lump in my breast, little twin? I thought with little knockers that's one place I would not get it.

    Anyway, I know what you mean about precious and wonderful. I have been watching the birds in the garden today and it is lovely. OK so I should be working, but a little bird watching does not take long. Looking forward to the snow.

    Love Lizzie


  • No you definitely shouldn't have a lump!

    Nice to think you have a good view into your garden. A friend of mine records all the birds she has seen each day on her Facebook page and she is at work so I think you are allowed! Hope you've got some fat balls hanging up. I made my husband climb the tree outside the bedroom window so I could see them while drinking my cuppa in the morning. Yes maybe I am a little demanding.

    I am looking forward to snow too but we do have the 3 hour journey to the Marsden early on Monday morning.

    I will be thinking of you then and the biopsy. ~They really won't leave you alone at the moment will they?! I've never had one so I don't know what it will entail; I just hope you don't have to wait too long for the result.

    Dose hubby up with Lemsip and do nice things this weekend.

    Love Little Twin (not normal Mum)

  • Hi Little Twin,

    I accompanied my husband to an open day where he is looking to choose a motorbike. I am so pleased for him as I think it will be great for his morale over the next year or so. Then we went to a waitrose, which we don't have near us, where I found a naughty but nice chicken and mushroom pie. Husband made a lovely chicken stew this afternoon. Just the ticket for a day like this. Snow fell most of the afternoon as I snuggled on the sofa. Tomorrow more snuggling to be done.

    They did give me the choice of not having a biopsy as even if it is a new primary, they are sure the OC will get me, not breast cancer. However, I am of the knowledge is power persuation, so they have put me on anti-biotics to make sure I get no infection from the biopsy.

    Hope you are having a nice weekend too.

    Love Lizzie


  • So pleased to hear your news! Well done!

    Love Wendy xx

  • Thats the kind of news we like to hear ...

    So very pleased for you ..

    Janet .

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