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Looking back at old blogs, just realised it was June when I blogged about being referred to the clinical psychologist as I had got very down and weepy. Still not heard anything from the Hospital and it is now 5 months! I know they are busy but this is a bit ridiculous. I did mention it to my GP when I saw her 2 weeks ago and she said it is par for the course. I do wonder if I actually now need to go and see someone as I can usually get myself out of the dumps eventually.

Anyway, at least I have my first physio appt for my shoulder on the 3rd November. On the same morning, blood tests and vit B12 injection. Kill the birds with one stone is my motto.

Do get so fed up of having to see doctors and hospital on a regular basis particularly with the parking problems at the hospital so was very pleased that the physio comes to our local surgery. Wish the psychologist did as well - might get an earlier appt! Lol.

LavendarLady x

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The waiting time here for an appt with clinical psychology is almost a year! If you have health insurance or employee assistance scheme it's worth going privately.

Cece x



I got refered to something called 'positive step' by my GP last week and have a appointment next week!!! It's kind of the same thing so why don't you ask to be referred there?

I agree Hospitals are pants, me & mum reckon we've spent about 3 yrs in total in hospital waiting rooms for my health ;-)

Ella x


Morning lavenderlady, I got in fairly quick compared to, but my comment is about being fed up with hospitals. I feel exactly the same at the moment. If it isn't bad enough that i have to go at least twice a month for blood tests and every other for ra clinic and eyes,psychio, as you know hubby is there as well. As of this morning i will be down there this afternoon,but not tonight as grace is going to see her dad.When i get back at 4.30 i will rest the rest of the evening,yee right i know i will run round trying to do things. I had a couple of hours last night before i had to return and i felt as if i had worked nonstop,but i hadn't done anything. My friends next door came back,so i had to tell them,then another neighbour came down,then betterwareman came,then my neighbour the other side of me came round with a card then someone else came round, so all in all i didn't rest.

It was nice that they all said that they would help out and run me down there, but i just want someone to put their arms round me and let me cry,i'm trying to hold up for the family and not let hubby see me like this or grace as she is doing great in this crisis i don't to let her see me get upset. I'm sure my son will dock today and he will ring too. Its about 1-2 am where he is so when he gets of i know he will ring.

I'm sorry for offloading this here i wanted to try and cheer you up,but i think i've failed. I will go and drink my redbush tea and see if that helps me today.

Sylvia. xxx


Sorry your having such a busy time, it can't be easy for you at min, I wouldn't worry about sounding off, that's what we're here for. xxx


you take care sylvia.. sending you a virtual hug xx


Hi, it does sound a long time to wait, have you tried ringing the hospital department and ask for an earlier app. Some years ago my doctor referred me during a really dark spell in my life, think I only waited a matter of weeks for an appointment.

Hope you hear something soon. xx


I waited nearly 2 years !!!


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