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Hi everyone. I went for a pain manage appointment a couple of weeks ago. While i was waiting i had to fill out a questionaire about my feeling towards life, my pain & how i felt about myself. Well at the moment i am feeling really down i hate the way i look & i dont want to socialise, so think my score was high. I had a call from my gp asking me to come & see her. The hospital had sent a letter sugesting i see a pyschologist?? Has anyone been to see one & what should i expect. I have told my gp i want to get my shoulder opp out the way 1st (end of the month hopefully). Xx Alison

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  • Yes and best thing I ever did for my illness. They challenged my fee

    Ing of how I was, how I looked, why I was avoiding people and put me straight. I would highly recommend it and I don't think I would have managed without. Good luck!

  • Thanx Allanah i shall consider it after my opp xx Alison

  • I had a pain management course and they explained all about pain and how we can manage it and what we can do to help it. It took eight weeks to complete and they did relaxation as well. You will probally find that you are depressed and you need some treatment. I think most of are on anti-depressants of some degree. I know i have them and have had for a while. Go for it as you will be surprised what comes out. I have just remembered that i was under psychologist as i was so down about what was happening to me. My hubby came with me as well,though that is not always what you want to do. I am lucky as i have a brilliant hubby. You do most of the talking and you will surprised at what comes out. Go for it i say you won't regret it.xxxxx

  • I'm sure this would help. However I do think that being depressed with RA is hardly surprising. And I'd rather have better management of this disease than antidepressants. Talking therapy is better than more pills

  • When I went on Humira I was asked if I wanted to be contacted by one, although she was more interested in the effects of the Humira. I had 6 'phone calls from her and actually found it very useful. I wasn't sure about it at first but it was actually good to talk about myself. Something I would never have done before!

  • Thank you everyone for you kind words. I shall give it a go after my opp. Xx Alison

  • I might try and push for something like this. I've never been offered it and the only psychiatric help I've had has been CBT which was useless. xx

  • Just wanted to ask, who referred you to the pain management course, your consultant or your GP? xx

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