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Flare up that has lasted a month

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Hi I wonder if anyone can give me some advise. I have had RA for 4 years. It was well controlled until I got vasculitis last year, which is now clear. I now have very painful, swollen joints, particularly in the wrist, hands and ankles. I take hydroxychloroquine and sulfalazine. How much should I exercise and does it aggravate the joints? Unfortunately the hospital I am under only has one RA nurse and I have never seen a physio. I have an appointment in September, but not easy to get an earlier one. Help please, what do you do when you have a flare up?

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Hello Nanny I am the same hydrox and sulfal did not work for me .Had to stop taking it 3 weeks ago. I got a bad rash .I am on pregnisone right now for pain and swelling. I will be go on methotrexate in a week. Pregnisone in the only thing at work for my flare up. hope it helps and hope things get better for you god bless

Steroids work for me as well, know on hydroxy but my knee has swollen right up can't walk I've been ok for a few weeks see my consultant in August I'm only taking 5mg of predis might need a bit more now

Generally I don't push swollen or hot and tender joints. I stick to simple range of movement type exercises, slow walking and gentle stretching. If a joint is very inflammed then harsh exercise can be damaging.

As for your flare, I hope you've got through to your rheumy team. Do you have any strong anti-inflammatorys you could use for a few days? Or go see your GP to ask for help, like a short course of steroids.

But if you've been flaring for a month it could well be that you need a review of your meds as they are no longer working as they should. Keep pushing for an earlier appointment and I hope you get one.

Thanks, they have just changed the medication to sulfalazine so feel need to give it a chance to work. I have found some gentle exercises on an arthritis website, also trying gentle swimming. Thanks

I usually ring the rheumatology helpline and they usually manage to fit me in. They can also advise your GP about giving a steroid depo injection. 🙂

Hello - for me very gentle exercise and stretching. I also take a relaxing Epsom salts bath and if my foot is extremely flaring run very cold water or hot over it! (it has to be one or other) to help. I make my own essential oil pain mix (oregano with olive oil) and rub that into the affected area. I drink lots of water too. Lastly, I would take a paracetamol to get me through the day. Rest in all of that is key! Wishing you well. -Hessie

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Thanks for your reply, really useful. Been swimming this morning and found some useful , gentle exercises on an arthritis website. Will try the Epsom salts as well. Thanks


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