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5km walkathon

5km walkathon

Hi all, am very happy to share with you all that I was able to participate and finish the 5km walkathon, this year too. This walk is conducted by cancer foundation in our city, Coimbatore, India.

I had begun the anti inflammatory diet in Feb 2016. I was off medication for ITP too. I have never taken any medication for RA. I was, and still am taking only papaya leaf tablet for ITP.

I trained for the walk all by myself, in 2016,beginning with very slow walks. I could not walk every day, as I began getting purpura. But slowly I stopped getting purpura. I completed the walk in 1 hr.

This year I thought I would better my time. But due to reasons I can't understand, my platelet fell to 30k, and couldn't train as I would have liked to.

My platelet count was 60 k 2 days before the event, and I decided to give it a try. Well, I finished again in 1 hr. No purpura till today.

My RA factor, CRP etc have shown tremendous improvement. I don't have any pain, or numbness, tingling, burning sensation now.

My vit d level is at 70.

I take vit B, vit c, calcium with K2, magnesium and zinc, along with papaya leaf tablet.

I still continue with my veggie juices.

I still avoid gluten.

I also continue with my crochet, solely for charity.

I wanted to share my experience, not to say that everyone should stop their medications. But to say that for some diet can do wonders.

Thank you all for all your support and feedback regarding the treatment you receive. Reading about your experiences has been an eye opener for me, and the very reason to try the diet route to wellness.

I am Padma. You can identify me by my bib number, 30069.

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Well done.



That's awesome!! Walking is great excersize. :)


That sounds amazing well done! How long did you have joint pain before it got better?


Hi Yogi-bear123, thank you.

I have had undiagnosed RA for a long time. It was only in 2013 after I got ITP because of Yellow Fever Vaccine, that RA was diagnosed. I was almost bed ridden with high dose steroids, as I had a lot of internal bleeding. When I realized that RA medication would worsen my platelet problem, I tried Homeopathy. But since that too didn't work out, I tried researching the diet route to wellness.

It was very tough to keep with the new diet initially, but being a vegetarian has helped. I can have a little dairy too, once in a while.

Thankfully it has paid off. ,😊


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