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Hi all, am happy that my new diet has helped me a lot. My RA factor has reduced to 95  from 140 ( 1 st week of Feb 2016).  Do no take any meds. No pain in any joint. Just wanted to share it so that others who are trying the diet way to reduce symptoms might find it motivating. 

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  • Hi Padram.

    That's certainly good news for you,and I am glad it works.Also good news being able to drop the meds that's a real bonus.

    Can you tell me is it any specific diet you follow.? I have looked into this but I also have  to factor in kidney disease and diabetes.



  • Hi crusee, I follow the ayurvedic diet for RA. You can find the details in my earlier posts. Since you have kidney and sugar issues, I think consulting alternate medical practitioners would be wise. Still, will try and find out what Ayurveda has to offer for you. 

  • Hi Padram,

    Thank you very much for that I will look through earlier posts and find it.I will also google it and find more about Ayurveda.

    I will see what is involved and find out what it can do for me.

    Thanks again.



  • Hey Padram that is great news I am so happy for you.  Are you seeing an ayurvedic practitioner?  I am seeing a functional health dr but am going to get an ultra scan of my joints done tomorrow because they want to check that my inflammation levels are ok and within a normal range!

    Have you started adding anymore foods into your diet?  Are you taking any supplements at the mo?

    Thanks for keeping us updated on your ra.  Really appreciate it.  :)

  • Hi kalel, no I am not seeing any Practitioner. I am totally on my own. I keep my homeopath updated as we have a great relationship. Though I have stopped taking her meds, she is very supportive of what I am trying. My platelet count has also increased to 95 k. 

    As for the past 2 years, take vit c, vit k2, b complex. But I take for 3 months, give a gap for a month and start again. 

    I have not added any more food other than in the list. I tend to get joint pain if I try other foods. 

    So strictly following the list. 

  • I have also been given homeopathic pills. I am not sure if the pills work but I have also been given other supplements to take.  I continue taking the herbs because I have found that in the past sometimes herbs can take up to six months to work well in my case anway.   Yes I also take things like k2 and vit d etc.  I am mindful about vit c because I have heard that we can have consume to much vit c but I know that vit c are added to my collegan and Hyaluronic Acid tablets.  I am lucky cause at the mo I have been able to go back and see my old private rheumy and she is just helping me out through email because it would be to expensive for me to go. 

    I am really pleased that this diet has helped you. I have gotta say that until I go for my ultra scan tomo I can't comment on this to much but I def believe that certain foods and stress etc for sure can aggravate ra.

    are you doing exercise at the mo?

    Please keep in touch and let me know how you get on.  I am really happy that your ra is starting to improve. 

    ps.. I don't know if you have heard about someone called the medical medium but I would highly recommend looking him up, reading his book and listening to some of the his podcasts.  Take good care of yourself.

  • Thank you kai.

  • Thanks for sharing that Padram.... Hearing success stories helps me keep my own diet on the right side of healthy.

    Thanks again


  • All the very best, Ali_ H.

  • What good news for you!  And always nice to hear how people are getting on as well as being motivating for others.   

    When you say your RA factor has dropped is this the rheumatoid factor antibody test? For me this was only tested as part of the diagnosis, so interested to know how you managed to get it tested again.  Was this on the NHS or did you have to pay?    And have your inflammation levels also dropped?  As that would be really good news too. 

  • Hi helixhelix, I am from India. Since I am very sensitive to any drug, and since I also have ITP, I don't take drugs for RA. Yes, it is the same test and since I am almost on my own, ( even Homeo medicine didn't work, but my homeopath is so supportive of my experiment with diet, and helps me by giving valuable inputs). Yes, I pay for my tests. My inflammation markers, ESR, CRP are also reduced, but since ITP also inflammatory, getting the RA factor was crucial. I take papaya leaf extract now for ITP. Prednisone is such an evil drug, I don't ever want to take it. That is why I try natural methods and diet to reduce my pain. Hopefully I will be able to reduce my inflammation markers in due course. 

  • That's really good to hear! I'm ignorant, what's the RA factor score? X

  • Hi Jane, the Rheumatoid Factor should be a max of 20 in healthy adults.

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