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Third year of Remission

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Always have mixed feelings about posting updates on my remission but I will continue to do so a couple of times a year (for as long as it lasts). The RA may be under control but have had other health issues and personal challenges so life isn’t all plain sailing.

After diagnosis by consultant rheumatologist as seronegative RA was on Pred, Naproxen and Hydroxychloroquine. Now just on HCQ which I’ve tapered down from 400mg a day to 1 200mg tablet every 5 days I.e. 40mg per day. No joint pain or other symptoms just some lingering morning stiffness in hands. Have vastly improved my diet since diagnosis so eating healthy also exercise regularly.

On annual check ups with rheumatology team at local hospital.

Never complacent about RA. Very grateful that it’s back under the stone it crawled out from under. Long may it stay there.

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Love to here a good result long may it continue

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This all sounds very encouraging and you must be feeling so much more positive about your health and future. Out of interest, at these annual check ups, do they carry out ultrasound scans to physically see what is going on / to get a historical log of any changes? Also, I have assumed you are in the UK under NHS care? Just curious of the level of care and support for those that do achieve this encouraging stability in RA!

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Staycalmandcarryon in reply to Deniseelk

No ultrasound at NHS annual checkup but X-ray of hands and feet and bloods.

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Paula-C in reply to Deniseelk

I'm now on three yearly hands and feet X-ray. Have blood monitoring every three months. See consultant yearly and have a yearly nurse specialist apppointment, so I'm seen twice a year.

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That is wonderful! Freedom from pain in so many parts of the body is something many can only dream of. I have had about three weeks of freedom now, and it feels like I never suffered.

However, the evidence is in plain sight and there’s weakness in joints. But it feels very heady... may there be cures for all chronic diseases!

Carry on enjoying your remission. :-)

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Great news and nice to hear good news that you manage to kick this vile disease - wishing you continued success 😌

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Hopefully another positive and encouraging post. I've been in remission since early 2013. Apart from one short lived flare in 2015 I don't need any pain relief. I find it hard to believe I've got RA.

I'm on enbrel and mtx, it was enbrel that took me straight into remission. Officially told I was in clinical remission at my first twelve week appointment after starting it. My last das score was under two. Prior to starting enbrel I was really bad, I know at my first assessment to start it my das score was 7.2.

Remission is possible! xx

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Thanks for your update 👍 it gives me hope! I'm seropositive and was on MTX at first but couldn't tolerate it. I was changed onto HCQ 400mg last week, it's early days yet but fingers crossed 🤞

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Great news long may it continue xx

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That's great to hear , I am seropositive and diagnosed in jan this year and put on 400 mg HQ daily, after my 6 mth appointment 2 x weeks ago with my rheumy doc , I am now trying to reduce by 800 mg each week , at first I went 2 x days with no pills but felt more achey so now I am trying it by taking 2 x pills on a mon, wed and Friday and 1 x pill on the other days , I still get stiff hands on waking and feet sometimes , my blood results were normal , so it is trial and error , and hoping that it works , last January I was in lots of pain like others and my bloods were higher than normal but not excessive , but since then I havnt had to touch any pain killers , I hope this continues but will never take it for granted and I hope all other people also get to be painfree ....

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So happy to hear this positive report. Hopeful it will continue for you and others that have posted remission. It gives me hope that it is possible 😊

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