Diet and RA

Hi all, I am so happy to inform that my diet regime is doing wonders for me. Tested my RA factor and it is down to 65. It was around 150 in Jan this year. Started my diet regime in Feb. Tested in April ( 95). And now, 65. As I have informed earlier, due to my ITP, don't take any meds for RA. Complicates things for me. Thanks for all the support.

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  • aw Padram I am really happy to you. I spoke to a Aryuveda specialist a while ago and she said sometimes these dosha tests are not accurate and it is better to see a specialst but so far I have not seen and gone against my dr's wishes when they wanted me to try different meds but I am exercising every day and taking care of myself. I don't know if I splash out and see a Aryuveda specialist at least once. but if I am being honest I did not want to waiste my money on going to see someone if it is was not worth it. Also I could end up spending a fortune on all this alternative therapy stuff. I am still a bit confused when it comes down to Aryuveda but anyways I am pleased to hear you inflammation markers have come down. HOpe your doing ok? :)

  • Hi kalel, thanks. I am NOT taking any Ayurvedic meds. I am only eliminating gluten, sugar, processed food. Veg , fruits, oil , nuts I consume only what suits me. I have not seen any Ayurvedic Dr.

  • thanks for replying to my message. So what are you eating at the mo? I am eating a lot of fruit and veg and sometimes starches (in the evening)

  • Brilliant news, well done you. Put a big gold star on the fridge and keep up the good work!

  • Hi I only found out yesterday that I have very high markers but no symptoms. I've had a super stressful yr last yr, put on a lot of weight etc but I'm encouraged by what you say that yr markers are down. I didn't know that they could change. Any suggestions for me pls on what I should be doing st this stage?? Thanks so much

  • Hi munchybunch,

    I have ITP, a bleeding disorder, because my platelets get destroyed by my immune system. Tried steroids, but stopped it as my doc suggested long term maintenance dose. Horrible side effects.

    I take papaya leaf extract to increase the production of platelets. This reduces my bleeding to a large extent. But I don't suffer from any side effects, unlike allopathic drugs.

    My count is around 70k, now for almost one year now.

    Papaya leaf won't cure my problem. The immune system will keep destroying platelets.

    As for my RA, I can't take any drug, because one side effect is reduced platelets. As I already have a platelet problem , I searched for alternative treatments to reduce my inflammation.

    My RA factor increased to 100 when I veered away from the diet, but came down to 50, when I stuck to my diet regimen.

    My diet consists of

    No Gluten

    No Dairy

    No Processed foods

    No Sugar

    No Raw salads

    But I take as much as I need from the following

    Veggie juices

    Fruits ( so no sugar craving)

    Leafy green smoothies


    Rice based foods

    Soaked almond, walnuts, and Green gram , (cooked, )every day, for protein

    I am a vegetarian, so I don't have to worry about meat or fish.

    This diet was not suggested by any doc, but put together by me , after hrs and hrs of searching the internet for information.

    Our gut has about 70% of immune cells. So if we heal our gut, we heal our bodies too, and good health is the reward.

    Auto immune disorders cannot be cured, but inflammation can certainly be controlled through diet.

    Unfortunately most docs don't give such advice.

    I don't take any meds for my RA. I never used to have swelling, but my fingers have been deformed in both hands. With this diet, I don't have any pain most of the days. But sometimes when I cheat on the diet, it comes back.

    So I stick to my diet, and am very happy now. I can walk a km or two without any purpura ( capillaries leaking blood and causing bruise, on their own). I don't have gum bleeding every day like it used to,but on and off. And very mild bleed only.

    I have begun to cook after almost 3 years.

    I am more energetic now and have started to have an almost normal life.

    Writing in detail, so that you can see the larger picture.

    All the very best.

  • Always happy to hear of others that are on the same treatment route with good results! Dietary modifications do in fact very often make a difference even though you are on meds. Hopefully the day will come that even rheumies help their patients to understand why this is so. Unfortunately today it is still up to the patient to educate her/him self. The good thing is that it good scientifically based info becomes easier to find. A book where new knowledge is integrated and and brought together in one book is Tom O'Bryons book The Autoimmune Fix. Good luck and all the best😊👍🏻


  • Hi Simba, will check th ebook too. Thank you.

  • Thnks so much for all the details. It just shows that you can change things through diet and by healing the gut. i have a few questions. How many nuts do you eat a day. I just hear that you shouldnt eat too many nuts. Also does exercise make a difference? Walking?

    Why no raw salads?

    You say rice based foods , does that include rice , which type?

    Why do you soak the almonds?

    Thanks so much for your help!

  • Hi munchybunch,

    I don't digest raw salads, as fibre content is too high for my stomach. Auto immune disorders make the digestive system weak. So my fibre intake is on the lower end. That is why I purée greens after blanching them. Don't throw the water in which I blanch greens. I use it in the purée.

    Soaking nuts improves digestion . It contains folic acid and b vitamins. Soaking removes tannin from the skin of the nuts. The water in which almonds are soaked overnight should be thrown away. I take 5 almonds every day, but space it through out the day. Don't take all 5 together.

    I do soak walnuts too, but have only two of them a day, one in the morning, one in th evening.

    Since I live in India, I can choose any rice, as there is a lot of variety. Basmati rice is suppose be the best for digestion.

    Excercise does make a difference. My joints are more mobile, I have less of balance issues. I walk like a small child. Very leisurely, no fast walking for me, as I may get purpura when I strain my legs. I was unable to walk even a few steps even in Jan 2016, without gasping for breath. But now I can easily walk a km. I am able to climb a few steps at a time. Can climb one storey now , but again very relaxed climbing.

    I took it up as a challenge and walked 5 km for a cancer charity. I may have finished last, but finish , i did. That experience has given me confidence to try pushing my body to do normal things in every day life.

    But I am very careful as I have to balance two disorders. Do get fatigued if I overdo , but I have learnt when to stop and take rest. Learnt how much my body can handle.

    Just listening to our body helps in taking the right decisions.

    So glad you are interested in trying the diet route.

    All the very best.

  • Would be nice to know how many and who of us on this forum are seriously trying to control their RA with dietary modifications. I think we could exchange thoughts and help each other?😊

  • I have learnt a lot from the free information the links in Kai's post provided. Actually I would have saved a loof time and energy had I seen those posts first. : )

  • Hi Simba 1992

    I am currently on a mission to control my RA through diet. I made the decision in about November of last year and spent two months researching as much as I could with the plan to start my diet on January 1st (the biggest new years resolution of my life!!) I have been following the AIP (auto immune protocol) which is quite restricted at least during the elimination phase. I have been keeping a daily diary of how it's going, symptoms, improvements, feelings etc. I am undecided as to whether I want to release it as a blog or something.

    I'm a month in and there have been improvements unfortunately followed by a horrible downward turn NOT due to my RA but it did have a knock on effect from which I'm still recovering. I haven't broken my diet yet although I did have some Natural yoghurt when I came out of the hospital because I hadn't been able to eat in 3 days and it was the only thing I could stomach 😬

  • I wish you luck Suki1088😊Like you I am also on AIP since Dec 2015. Taking LDN and vitamines and supplements additionally. Would love to hear your experiences. You can pm me if you would like to talk some more😊

    Good luck!


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