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Hi all, after someone in this site( sorry, I don't remember who) posted something on gut health and inflammation, I have been reading some on the subject. Then I read about juice fasting and how it relieves pain. Have been in a flare for 2 weeks with temp constantly on 100 or 101 C, with even my hip becoming stiff in the mornings. Nothing that my homeo gave was of any use. So started the juice fast om Monday. I do take soups too, so it is not just a juice fast. Mainly vegetable juices with no added sugar or salt. Surprise !!! My pains have almost vanished. I did feel a bit weak the first day, but now I feel fresh, have no fever and most importantly, no joint pains at all.

As you all are aware, I cannot take any allopathic drugs for RA, as it affects my platelets. ( I have ITP too). So this diet is doing wonders for me. Thought of sharing it with you all.

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  • Juice Fasting, I take it this applies to fruits, no fruits at all.

    Boiled vegetables, you just rink clear fluid? do you eat the vegetables?

    Do you take liquidised raw vegetables?

    I have joint pains in my foot, legs, shoulders and hip. I am asking the questions for clarification to give it a try. Five veg a day no fruits!!!

  • Hi Bala, I am juicing vegetables. At present I take only juice, as my stomach had bloated a lot. I began with 1/2 cup pure juice , I started with carrots. I juice greens like spinach too. But I blanch them and then add the blanched water to the strained purée, as I did not want any fibre . It would have been too much for my stomach to digest. I also have watery soups. After one week, I will introduce boiled veg. Am taking it real slow, don't want to rush things and make things worse. You can add apple and ginger to the carrots. I am a vegetarian and so except for the night shades, I juice anything I fancy. There are a lot of sites that give a lot of juicing options. Hope you too will find relief from pain.

  • I would also like to add that I keep my doc updated every day on how I feel . My doc would like me to start adding boiled veg from tomorrow . In India we are used to fasting. People who are new to fasting, please consult your doc before beginning one.

  • Pandram if you stomach is not normally bloated then the reason why it prob is now is because the amountof excess fibre you are eating and bloating can also be a sign that your body is getting ready to remove a lot of junk in it's trunk.. so to speak.

    Just make sure you are going to the toilet enough. :)

    You may also want to check this guy out.


    Unfortunately Jay is not able to work at the mo because he is very sick but his you tube site, fb etc is full of great info.

    Taking things like turmeric, cherry tart as supplements can also help with pain relief.

    You should also check out someone called the medical medium cause it seems to me like unless you have trouble with your joints after eating nigh shade foods you don't need to avoid these foods. :)

  • Thank you Kalel. Will check that link. I used to have full meals , night shades included. But I don't know what is triggering the flares. So I will reintroduce each and check how my body reacts. And yes, constipation is a big issue. Like you say, may be too much fibre of the wrong kind? The main reason for this fast now is to check what agrees and what doesn't . And as for turmeric, since it also thins the blood, I can't take it due to my ITP. I bleed even if my platelets are 50 k. thanks one again.

  • oh so you are constipated ?? well that explains the bloating right? :)

    I don't know if any of this will cause your itp some side effects but you may want to take a look at some of these links etc see if they will help you out at all.

    this article may help you and I also think that KImberly suggest taking one tablet of mag 07 a day


    I do understand what you are saying I def think that certain foods affect me I am pretty sure that I should stay away from potatoes and I also stay away from grains, gluten.

    if you have a facebook page people on here would be able to give you more info about taking mag 07 facebook.com/groups/beautyd... but you may want to check with your dr before taking anything like this.

    I understand what you are saying about turmeric. You see I find that it helps with my inflammation but I guess I need to check that I am not having side effects from taking this supplement. However we are all different right.

    I have also bought a pure copper mug with no linings in it or anything like that and I drink infused copper water from this mug twice a day.

    ginger is also good for ra.

    if you are eating a lot of fibre then you should be going to the toilet a lot more . Are you drinking enough water make sure you are?!

    you may want to look at healing your gut kriscarr.com/blog/how-to-im... and doing things like dry skin brushing, caster oil packs etc.

    You may also want to check out someone called John Kohler on you tube his sites are ok raw and discount juicer.

    Hope you start to feel better soon

  • Thanks for sharing Padram.

    Great news.

    Luisa 🌸

  • Yes juicing relieved the agony of RA for me. I juiced about a pint of carrot and apple everyday. It took me several months of dedicated juicing until I started to feel well and the agony and stiffness went away, I have now been juicing about 7 years.

  • Hello and thanks for this juicing info - what do you do? Really glad it is working for you.

  • Hi Mel-Bowen, the first day I had only diluted black/ dark grape juice dilute with water. From the second day I added veg juice made with carrot, a little piece ginger and some coriander leaf. Third day I made spinach. Radish leaf with cucumber. This was for the mornings and late evenings. I also started having clear soup as well as regular thick soups for lunch and dinner. This Sunday I have added a little boiled rice with boiled veg for lunch instead of soup. I juice whatever veg I feel like having, like beets, pumpkin, etc. but I have not started eating fruits yet. Tried a small piece of banana, but could not tolerate it. No dairy at all. We Indians cannot live without curd, but I am unable to digest it now. Will introduce buttermilk aftre one more week. Want to try sweet potato, will try it tomorrow .

    Will take a blood test next week. Will update the results.

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