A little side trip to the hospital

A little side trip to the hospital

well all the swelling ended up being pericarditis, but no one seems to be able to tell me how it occurred. Anyway after a few days in there I am home and am not at the mercy of their horrid food. Yay. Can't take anti inflammatories so it is will a bit of a long journey to heal. At least I can breathe a lot easier and massive doses of lasix have cured that swelly feet thing. The skin on my feet sort of look like old parchment now, all wrinkly, but so much thinner.

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  • I hope you soon start to feel brighter darling.xxxxx

  • I will get better just horridly painful and makes breathing hard. Thank heavens I am home now though that makes it all more bearable hahahah

  • Bless you that sounds horrid xxx hope you get a rest now!

  • I have had a few hours uninterrupted sleep tonight so I am sure that will help enormously. Hope you are going ok. I saw you have been having wonderful summer adventures. Good on you.

  • It was amazing ! Glastonbury , Leeds festival, Wales, Loch Lomond, Turkey, Lake District , France, Lansarote So not been on the site much!

    But unfortunately have had two serious urind infections, one chest infection and now add auto Immune skin down disease. So rituximab stopped. Plaquenil started with my arava and steroids for six months the Toxilimab ! Flaring today but that's life !😜

  • Oh dear that's not good. But I am really glad that you got out to do all the things you did. Sometimes I think we just have to go for it.

    I have been on plaquenil since this all began. I am not sure it actually does anything for me. i guess if I stopped it I would find out hahahah

    I hope your flare settles and you cna well enough to plan more fantastic trips

  • Oh dear, poor you. You've certainly been through the mill.

    Glad you're home and I wish you a speedy recovery.

  • Thanks crashdoll, I am hoping it clears up fast too.

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