A little wine at xmas time

Hi everyone. I had a great xmas day thanks to family and friends,,,,,only problem is I drunk a little before and during dinner. So along with my painkillers and general high spirits, I didn't feel any pain. I served plates of food, kept everyone's drinks topped etc, made a starter, helped clear up, and the next day I was in bed unable to move!!! I felt so depressed!! I had obviously overdone. Couldn't move a muscle and hands, feet, knees, shoulders, back elbows..everything hurt!!!! Ouch!!!

I had such a great day, now I feel resentful it happened coz I am suffering so much......told my partner we shouldn't host again....we had about 10 people around.....but he's thinks I am being miserable..........it's really hard when you know you should be careful, then overdo it and have to pay the consequences.l.....my father in law said it's great to see me in high spirits and able and well.....but it's was only an act....and temporary......sorry for moaning...how has everyone's holidays been??

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  • Had a great time with family and grandkids but still chocked with cold has it for weeks and can't get rid off it, just going to rest now

  • Well just don't do it again & tell your partner he should have helped more!

    Tomorrow is another day...hope you're feeling better by then!

  • I Also hosted for many and like you, felt it the next again day. It's good to get as many people mucking in as possible but having said this, I've chosen to host so take full Responsibility if I'm feeling tired thereafter? I guess it's about pacing oneself - this, I'm still learning. Rest now x

  • Yeah it's just so frustrating cos I didn't do that much (compared to my partner) my sister in laws mucked in so we had lots of help......but any little thing could trigger off a flare....so frustrating...think I may need to go back to rheumy and increase dose of steroids ...I have had 2 massive flare ups in last 2 weeks......thanks for your comment😃

  • Me too, did way to much, feel like a fell of a race horse!!

  • Not all wine is equal. I am safe with white wines and bubblies, but stay well clear of red wine. Last two times I had some red it took me down for weeks on both occasions.

  • Know that. Feeling only too well .gentle hugs .x

  • Same thing happened to me in 2008. Since then we have gone away for Christmas. Even if just for the bank holidays. Easier for us because we have no Children. Friends always came to us.

    Hope you are settling down again now.xx

  • I love that idea...I mentioned it to my partner but he was horrified I suggested Xmas dinner out....maybe after what happened this year he will listen to me next year!!! Sounds like perfect Xmas to me😃😃

  • We went away for 8 nights to Northumberland with our 2 dogs. Stayed in a hotel overlooking the harbour. It was really cosy. All I had to do 're meals was decide what to have off the menu. If we stay in a cottage I do not mind cooking Christmas dinner for us two. Easy for 2 and we share preparations.

    Hope you get to try it next year. X

  • That sounds lovely, I'm in my Florida house in the winter, we have 3 adult kids, 2 grand kids, back home in Chicago, drive back to Chicago, with my dog, my husband did most of the driving, got there in 18 hours, hurry up putting up tree and decorations, visiting other family & friends, had my kids, grand kids over for dinner, when everyone left, I was in the worst pain ever! Tomorrow New Years Eve. Not doing anything, I have to re - evaluate this whole Holiday thing, I'm not doing it again!!!!

  • I had a lovely Christmas. Spent Christmas day with my son, his partner and my granddaughter who is two and a half, they made dinner for us all and my younger son and his girlfriend. I had everyone round on Boxing day and put on a buffet. I was lucky as my sister helped out and we used paper plates and bowls which cut down on the washing up. Even so I was wiped out yesterday, which I expected, so just relaxed listening to new cds and watching TV. Hope you have had a chance to rest up and feel a lot better now. It is about pacing yourself, which takes time to get used, but I'm getting better at it now. Take care. Best wishes for 2017. X

  • I had a good Christmas day, my daughter came over on Xmas Eve with her partner and we had a evening Xmas dinner. I am working all-over Xmas and only had Xmas day off and my son also works in a kitchen and he has new year Eve off. But we all managed to enjoy Xmas day. I was so tired on boxing day I did not think I would get up for work the next day! When I came home I slept all afternoon. Working and Christmas just takes it out of me and it's going to be very busy over the weekend.

    Hope you all have a good new year

    Carol X

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