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"Polly" a new little furry friend .....Over the past

Over the past few days my OH and I have been busy making our home ready for a new little arrival...... No, not a baby, we're way past that ! She's a little 7 month old pussy cat which we have chosen from Cats Protection Society. She is predominantly white with a few black patches, black ears and a black tail, she will definitely stand out from the other cats in our neighbourhood and her name is of course, Polly.

We like both cats and dogs, but we've always had a cat in our house apart from the last eighteen months after having to have our black cat Tuppence put to sleep after he burned his feet on battery acid in someone's garage or back yard. He licked his paws and the acid killed off his kidneys and liver. We were so upset and all the nurses at the vets surgery cried along with us, and we said we would never have another!

But we miss having a furry four legged animal around our home. She will hopefully encourage me relax and rest a bit more than I do, so I'm really looking forward to picking her up on Sunday.

Oh and, Saturday will be nice too, because our son is bringing his lovely young lady to meet us for the first time. So, it must be love .........

I wish you all a good night's sleep and me too, I hope :-) June xxx

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ooh welcome to your furever home polly (she sounds gorgeous :) )

i'm so sorry about your last cat - what a horrible thing to happen.


Thank you, I can't wait to see her and bring her home.

Apparently, she has a lovely nature and is very playful, so I've bought her plenty of toys to play with. xx


Awwww that's so lovely to read.... very sad about Tuppence though.

I think it's great when cats and dogs are given another chance to have a loving caring home...after being abandoned through no fault of their own.

Wishing you and Polly many happy relaxing days together!

Maddie x


Thank you for your kind words Maddie,

I'm sure there are many animals out there which need a good home, I'd love to do more to help them, but I'm not in the position to.

I thought that all the cats would be under the same roof or set of pens, but they are not. They have a good many volunteers who temporarily adopt the cats and kittens and look after them in their own homes until they are rehomed. That's dedication for you, thank heavens for people like them.

I hope you are having a good day, all the best, June xx


I was like you and did not want another cat as my last two, I had to take them to the vets to be put to sleep, one at five years old for Feline Leukaemia, the other just before her 21st birthday with liver, lung and heart illness, so I can emphasise with you.

Again, like you six years ago, I happen to see a lovely kitten who was mischievous and full of life, so we bought her home and named her Georje, we took her to the vets for her check-up and was told not a girl but a boy! We still left the spelling of his name as the girls version, he has lived up to his first meeting with him, and given us lots of love plus headaches. Climbing trees and getting stuck, bringing in live mice, when he was still very tiny bought in a half dead pigeon in his mouth. Funnily enough he leaves the tiny birds alone, just wants the large ones, but has never managed to catch another.

So I say enjoy your new little Polly, long may she live, love you and your home. xxx


We had the same issue with our lovely dog Tobie, Farmer told us it was a boy dog and when brought to vet, my poor red faced husband was scundered to be told it was a girl - he kept telling me it was but I argued that the farmer would know better - so that was how Toby became Tobie.


Sorry mads and Georje,

I got a bit mixed up there, the brain is not working as well as it used to !

But thanks to both of you. June xx


Thank you Georje,

I'd forgotten about the live mice in the house bit, but it goes with the territory. Living in the country I'm sure she's going to be kept busy !

The cat protection Society are very good about making sure their cats leave them to go to their new homes having been spade, chipped and a health check done by local vet, of course you pay for all of this in the suggested donation, which is more than fine. The main thing is that it is all done.

I can't wait to pick her up :-) xxx


oh june how lovely for you, i hope you have many relaxing days with her, Such a shame about tuppence so sad, Hope all goes well and she settles quickly for you. how lovely your son is bringing his new girlfriend to meet you have alovely time let us all know how eveything goes .

:) lena xx


Thanks Lena,

I certainly will let you know how it goes with Polly and my son's girlfriend who's name is Natalie. I've spoken to her once at Christmas when my Son Jez was talking to her on the phone and he suddenly shoved the phone into my hand and said "say hello to Nat". She sounded shocked too, but lovely.

I hope you are doing OK today. June xxx


That will be so lovely June, we have a few cats but they are feral so not really ours, we feed them when they come round but I wouldn't even try to pet them as they would take the hand of you. Poor poor tuppence, that must have been awful, I hope Polly brings loads of fun and companionship.


I just realised that you left 2 comments mads, thank you,

We once took on a feral kitten from a local farmer, that was many years ago. She was 5 months old when she came to us, by which time she had been taught to hunt for her dinner by her mother. She never settled very well and remained very independent, but came to see us regularly.


That is great news, you must put up a piccie x


Yes I will try to put up a piccie, but I'm not clued up on how to do it, but I'll ask my son to show me how tomorrow !! Thanks summer. xx


That is lovely for you, I can understand you waiting after your last sad experience. Polly will be good for your RA!

This morning I am waiting for four ex-commercial chickens to be delivered, complete with new hut, run and everything else I need. They will live on the yard and not doubt entertain the two elderly ponies and our rescue dog.

Had three teeth out on Tuesday (Sjogrens) and having a flare now. I saw the rheumatologist last week and we agreed I was doing very well..........

Wishing you many happy years with Polly.



Hello, thanks for your message,

I once saw a programme about people who take on chickens which had come from a battery farm and it was so lovely to see them settle in and flourish in a more natural environment. I'd love to do that myself if I had a bigger garden.

It's good to give animals a good life especially if they have had a bad start. It sounds as though you have a mini farm there, how great.

I'm glad to hear that you are doing well, but sorry to hear about your present flare. Unfortunately flares are part of our daily lives, aren't they. Sometimes I get frustrated about it and other times I just go with the flow. I'm due to start on Embrel any day now, I've not heard from the nurse yet, who will be paying me a visit to help me with the first injection. but I'm hoping that I will notice a significant difference once I get going, as others have done.

Take care of yourself and I hope the chickens settle in well. June xx


Hi June

I can also sympathize with you.

My Queen cloe renamed Mitzy as she would not answer to cloe was given to me at 15wks old and she ruled the house for 19 years. A tortoiseshell head, back and tail with white legs, belly chest and chin. She was a house cat for last 15 years of life after someone tried to set their alsatian on her! They didn't expect her jumping on it's back and scratching and biting the life out of it. It was last seen yelping it's way at 90mph up the alley with her still on it! 5 minutes later she came mincing back down the alleyway, her tail fluffed up shoulders strutting aren't I clever mum face!

I thought the neighbourhood would be safer if I kept her in! She only visited the vet 4 times in her life and the last vet named her the naughty torty and put a red sticker on her file! Bless her she lived up to her name as when it was her time to get her wings she fought the vet with her last breath, we were all devastated to loose her but we knew she was not going to be far away, she makes herself known round our house all the time.

Her ashes are in a beautifully carved box with a black velvet cushion on top with a real tiara on it that she had modeled for photos in and is placed under a tree of branches that has lights at the end of each branch with clear flower shades on them (from range) I have made lots of bead angels and hung them on the tree, and some have bells on and she brushes past it to make them ring quite often.

I was adopted by a male black and white male named Felix (no surprise) he was came every day and had what meat Mitzy had left. On a really cold wet day I let him eat inside the backdoor and when he'd finished eating he walked upto the litter tray had wee, covered it up and walked back outside! My husband looked at me and said ok he can stay. He did for 12 years, a perfect gentleman in every way! He spent most if his time layed on my chest snuggling, unfortunately he got cancer and got his wings a year before mitzy. He also resides under the angel tree in a black box carved into shape of a cat curled up fast asleep.

He also let's you know when he's around.

We had to get some company for mitzy as even though she pretended she didn't like him, she pined terribly for him so we decided to adopt two kittens from cat protecting a ginger male called Max that has grown into the lankyist cat I've ever seen I think he's half giraffe! And a tiny little ball of tabby fluffy that was the runt of her litter that now rules the roost and has the most loving temprement always makes a fuss of everyone.

What would our lives be like without a furry friend to love us and entertain us!

I hope you have many long years of love and entertainment from Polly.

Take care and Angel blessings to you all


Thank you for telling all about your cat experiences, you are obviously cat people like me.

Cats are independent creatures, aren't they! I'm going back over many years now, but we have been adopted by three cats in the past. The strange thing is that they were all black. One of them, Merlin was his name, came with us when we moved to Wales. We lived in a flat to begin with and knowing how much he liked his freedom we left him with a friend who offered to look after him, (she was a real cat lady). Then when we found a house we went to collect him, but he stayed under our friend's chair and just scowled at us, as if to say " if you think you are going to take me away from here, you've got another think coming". Mind you, she used to feed him by hand with fresh ham, so he was no fool was he!


They sure know how to wrap us around their little paws haha

You know it's bad when they have more beds than you and they still lay on you jacket or wrap in my case on sofa, and you let them have it and if someone wants to sit down you move for them instead of moving the cat!

I always say I'm coming back here as a cat, then I realise it isn't a good idea As I won't be here to spoil me rotten.

I hope you don't mind but I have made a crystal angel charm with a black faceted bead for her head for you both and hung it on my angel tree for you and asked for them to watch over you all.

Take care and give your precious furry angel a stroke from me. Xx


Hi June

I was wondering how you are as you said you were starting injections soon, and how is your purrfect little angel settling in?

Big hugs for you and angel strokes for your precious angel. Take care

Deb xx0xx0xx


Hi Deb,

Thanks for your kind thoughts. My first delivery of Enbrel is coming this Thursday and apparently the nurse will contact me 2 working days afterwards, so that takes me into the following week before I start injecting.

I'm having a bit of a flare at the moment, my hands and particularly my feet are swollen and painful at the moment, so I can't wait to get started on Enbrel.

My other half was not comfortable with the name Polly for our new little pussycat, he says it's a parrot's name!! So, we have renamed her "Two P" short for Tuppence, she responds well to it. She is the sweetest little darling and is settling down well. She's not picky with her food, loves my armchair but moves when she knows I want to sit down and she loves her chin tickled.

I hope you are OK and comfortable at present. Take care, June xxx


Hi June

I'm so sorry to hear you've got to wait till next week to start your treatment, I hope it works really quickly!

I'm glad your precious furry angel has settled in well and is not faded by much and more importantly knows her place! But we started off like that and 4yrs on in the living room they have a box each in front of the fire and blankets each on the 2 seater sofa!

I'm glad she's a lovable cat as she will help to take your pain away, my hubby calls it mumbo jumbo! But pets especially cats are natural healers if you're not well they help you and if they're not well they take strength and love from you to help them.

If I was looking after you my prescription would be :- get as comfy as you can on your sofa, bed or recliner, with a snuggy blanket and heat pad for your feet, your furry angel wouldn't need inviting to share the heat pad! A beverage of your choice and girly film of your choice to have a good cry at! It'll make you feel alot better and if all else fails it gives you an excuse for why your crying!

I 've lit the battery candles by my special Angels to ask for healing get strength to get you through the pain.

Big hugs to you all and tickles for your furry angel

Take care Angel

Deb xx


Hi June

I was looking at angel pictures on internet and I found this and straight away I knew i had to give it to you.

taake care

Deb cc


Hi june,

Hope you are feeling abit better a day hope your injections went well.

Love and Angel blessings to you and tickles for precious furry angel


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