Trip to a&e

Morning everyone. Well yesterday i was in agony with my ankle and it got so bad i went to a&e with it. Hubby stayed home as we was having a new bed delivered(more about it later) They x-rayed me and took my bloods to see if there was something going on that they couldn't see. They were getting me ready to admit me,putting a wristband on me. They moved me to a ward,but the dr came and told me i was going home. He was of the belief that the reason i am in so much pain is due to good old Arthur and the heat. My x-rays show my ankle is healing as it should be and no breaks and the bloods show no infection. It is good that things came back clear,but i am still in agony. They are giving me some more pain killers which we have to get this morning when we go down there and an early appointment to see the consultant in the next seven days..

Yesterday we had a new bed delivered and it is a super duper bed. It is two single beds together with the head and foot rise indepently of each other. Our other bed is in the other bedroom so any friends who come to stay will have a lovely bed to sleep in. It took two men two hours or more to put it together as it was a huge job and they were very good.So i was desperate to get home and try it rather than spend the night in a hospital bed. It is a very comfy bed and i had loads of room despite having hubby next to me. Pity my ankle decided to keep me awake.

So this is how i am on this Wednesday morning in agony. Sorry this is so long,but i wanted you to know how things are with me. Big hugs to you all.xxxx

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  • HI Sylvi big hug back and so sorry to hear you are in so much pain I hope it improves soon for you. I am so envious of your bed!! We were looking at the weekend and tried similar beds. They were so comfortable. I can image they will make life much easier. I think the 2 single beds together are great as I feel I am always disturbing my hubby and I could get rid of the mountain of pillows but you are still together. The shop we went into to only had 2 on display so am going to look again this weekend. Did you buy from store or online and did you go for any particular brand? x

  • We tried it out at the Naidex exhibition. Go online and look up electric beds. They will come out and demonstrate them to you i believe. They are not cheap. The one we moved out of our bedroom we had for over 20 yrs and it has NEVER been any trouble and it looks nearly as good as the day we brought it. That bed cost us £2,000,but this one was more expensive,but you get what you pay for. It took them a while to put it together. The quality of our bed is really good and i would recommend any day of the week. We only changed it because our needs changed,hubby wanted the head up higher and i needed the foot higher so two single beds together made sense.

    If anyone who lives near me and would like to see and try it let me know.

  • Hi sylvi,

    I know just the one you have, i had them come out to me last year and they did a demo of it in the house , if its the same one they are so nice, the guy said get on it and try it out o wow i did not want to get of lol i only wish i had the money, enjoy :)

    marcus6 x

  • Thanks for the advice Sylvia I am going to look again this weekend and will look at the websites. Many thanks and hope you are feeling a little better today x

  • Lainee,i feel brighter in myself,my ankle is another matter,but it will go when it is ready.

    If your looking for beds a piece of advice go with what you can afford. You can get some very reasonably priced beds and then they go up in cost. Ours is two singles put together,but our craftmatic was a brilliant bed and we had it over 20yrs and it is still in mint condition,our needs have changed now hence we had the new bed. You can get beds with massage on them as well. If you can try the beds out al the

  • Thank you for the advice Sylvia. I am going to take my time and look around a lot before I think about buying. take care and hope the day goes well for you.x

  • Thank you and any help i can give you regarding the bed let me know i will be only too happy to help you. xxxx

  • Will do although I am really struggling with my knee at the moment, it is relentless pain so walking too far might not be on but I suppose I can keep having a lie down on the beds!!

  • Well you can always ask them to bring a bed to you to try. If they want your custom i am sure they could arrange something for you if you tell them of your

  • Sorry you are in pain Sylvie but glad you got a new bed. Just shows you RA can feel like a broken ankle!

  • Healing wishes from me sylvi & hope the pain subsides enough for you to fully appreciated your new bed. Good to hear they checked you over well & confirmed there's no underlying problem. x

  • I am sorry you are in so much pain. Ankle pain is horrendous, I went to my rheumy a few weeks ago pleading for a steroid in my ankle, I just couldn't bear the pain and swelling any longer. Hope you can get some relief soon. Your new super bed sounds wonderful, hope it helps with your sleep. Very best wishes x

  • Just got back from the hospital after having a dexa scan. There is some erosion,but only in the normal range. Thank goodness something is going right,because my ankle is killing me. Hubby has brought me home and he is going to go to Bedworth to get the drugs i ordered from the drs as my scooter packed up and to be honest i don't feel like going anyway. Today is going to be a very hard and down day for me.xxxx

    Thank you all for your comments.xxxxxx

  • Well that's some good news for you sylvi! Hope the painkillers kick in & your ankle allows you a good nights sleep & tomorrow will be at least a little better. x

  • Hope them pain killers are doing there job hugs to you xxxx

  • I'm blowing some of our cool fog down to you Sylvi - sounds like you need it more than I do. Twitchy xx

  • That bed sounds soooo good! I hope you have great nights sleep and that helps the pain. Does it come with air conditioning I wonder as that would just be perfect.

  • No air con darling,but it has a cool tempura

  • Thank you all for kind replies. I will just have to sit this out until it settles down. The hospital was very good with me.I am at my drs this morning as i booked it before my trip to a&e,i have a letter from the hospital for her as well.

    Now that bed,well it is so comfy that you don't want to get out of it. It is a lot of money i'll grant you,but it is so worth it if you like me have a lot of health issues. It has a cool mattress and a tempura mattress so it moves with you. It is a huge bed as it is two singles put together.

    So thank you all for your kind wishes.xxxxxxxx

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