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sore feet

Who remembers Ronnie Barker in Porridge complaining of his feet!! WELL THATS ME MY FEET ARE SORE DOH!! Anyway that's that out of the way MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A PAIN FREE NEW YEAR TO ALL .

Santa had me down on his naughty list this year I think, !/ we have downsized to a apartment this was planned for after xmas, but once battle has commenced nothing goes the way it should, so we moved into this new place 1 week before christmas, doh during the move ever so helpful relatives became like the voices on the wind fading away, only to appear on the last day ,not as one might expect to help with moving rather to HELP with viewing the place and then remarking on what we didn't need to bring. They then unknown to me removed several black bags/boxes of what they considered tat,to the rubbish bins, during which course the xmas presents for the boss lady appears to gone to the skip for time team to find many years from now and explain "OH IT MUST OF BEEN BURIED TO SAVE IT FROM THE RAVAGES OF THE MARAUDING RELATIVES"

However when I tried to take take stuff to the council tip, in a marked (IN BIG LETTERS HIRED FROM ENTERPRISE )rented van, I was questioned and turned away as I could not find the van paperwork! ,

Good morning were can I of load this please?

Oh is this your van,

no i rented it,said I pointly looking at the big sign.

can we have your paperwork.

looked in glove compartment no docs xxxzxxxx!!! reason had only gone 500 yards in first van and found several faults, guys at the depot were brilliant and immediately swapped out van,but during the melee forgot to hand the new paper work to me,

can't unload then mate,

next day returned to tip with correct paper work and was allowed to unload the rubbish.

Next the cooker which had been behaving perfectly and had been rewarded with a professional clean decide to expire/die/cease to exist/ shuffle of this mortal coil, one day before christmas eve!!! oh were is the christmas fairy

Before we all shout he's behind you, I could not check as BT who promised the internet/phone for the 11/12 failed miserably resulting in me having a melt down at their customer services. after another long story we finally got the internet/phone 11 days later. WITH THE INSTALLATION COST REMOVED!!

Anyway Santa has been and gone, boss lady got some pressies, and he left me some lovley pressies as well. christmas lunch saved and served at Aunties, I stayed at home dog sitting and watching doctor who,


PS Boss lady loves the new place as she can see the river from the bedroom and watches the swans etc swim up and down all day.

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Well that was eventful! Our oven broke last year involving us making trips to the neighbours and microwaving vast quantities! Oh well merry blooming Christmas xx

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Merry Christmas & happy New Year to you! A very busy Christmas for all the wrong reasons for you then Craig! I hope you settle into your new place & can put your feet up for a while today. x

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norman wisdom wouldnt have a look in compared to you. At least your boss lady is happy. It must be perfect watching swans from the comfort of your home. hope the New Year brings you more joy also less pain and blessing in your new home.

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Thank you all for your kind thoughts, again warmest wishes to all.


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