X-ray done and dusted

X-ray done and dusted

Well my friends, hubby took me down the hospital this morning to get my chest x-ray done. When we got there the place was EMPTY yes thats right,i went straight in and the nurses were lovely,they took my chains off and put them back on again for me as i couldn't do it myself. One lady even has ra as well and she liked the idea of putting my rings on a chain as she has had to get a second wedding ring as her hands are bad. So next i went and had another blood test done as i wanted to check how my ra was going without two weeks of no mtx so my nurse can look at them and see if i'm ok.

Came home and i was exhausted and all i've done is sleep and rest. One hell of a way to get me to rest getting a chest infection/pneumonia. I couldn't do anything even if i wanted to. I'm so tired that even though i have slept this afternoon i still feel tired. My shoulder feels like i have been hit with a bat.

Its been a quiet xmas and it looks like a quiet new year for me, the way i feel i'm not bothered as i can sit and put the tv on and watch what i want. Daughter and her friend are spending some of the evening with me before they go out and hubby is working.

I wish you all a good new year and for those of you going out enjoy yourself and have a drink for me.


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  • Bless you!

    Happy New Year Sylvi, I hope you begin to feel a liitle better soon!

    Take care, and thank you again for your support!

    Pen x :o)

  • Pen my love it works both ways,i'm a better person for this site as there a lot worse than me,but we all share the same pain. I wil get there eventually,its my bodies way of making me stop. Hell of a way to stop me i know,but at least i'm resting. There has been a lot of tears shed since this infection kicked in,my poor hubby gets it all and he is a wonderful man,i couldn't manage this disease without him. I hope you have someone like him in your life.


  • Sylvi, I pray you feel better soon. You are always positive! Thank you for that. Please take care of yourself and your wonderful husband. I dont know what would do without mine. Happy New Year my friend. xxxxxxoooooLinda

  • Hope you are well soon..Sylvia hope 2012 is a better one for you xx

  • Thank you ladies. Lets hope we all have a better new year. xxxx

  • Hope you're starting to feel a bit better this morning and infection starting to clear up. But do stay warm and rest as much as you can until it's completely cleared. Px

  • I feel brighter in myself,trouble is when you feel brighter you get complacent. I'm not out odf the woods yet,but for once i am doing as i'm told. I still don't have the energy to do much anyway.

    Thanks for asking. xx

  • Hi Sylvi, glad you are beginning to feel better and brighter. Pneumonia is very nasty and can really drag you down. Keep warm and well rested. Some energy will return when the infection has gone. Glad to see you are doing as you are told! Ha Ha. lol. How many of us do so I wonder.

    If my wedding ring gets tight, I take it off and put on my late mother's ring which my father gave me. It's bigger than mine and does the trick nicely. I am sure my mum doesn't mind. I had to have my signet ring made bigger in the summer when my fingers were so swollen and now it is too loose! Just can't win sometimes. Have a good if quiet New Year. Love Lavendarlady x

  • Are you having a brighter and painless day too. xx

  • Hi

    Get well soon, I'll be thinking of you tomrrow evening if I manage to stay up to see the new year in. What I am thinking is going to bed at normal time and ask hubby to wake me up just before.

    I shall say a prayer for all ra sufferers - to have reduced pain for 2012.

    Happy new year hun

    Sci xx

  • I'm home alone for new year as hubby is working and daughter is out on the lash. I will try to stay up,but the way i'm feeling if i last until 10pm i will be doing well. I'm still not up to speed and it is making me feel worse. As i haven't had my mtx for two weeks my joints are starting to suffer.

    Well everyone lets next year will be better for all of us,i sure won't be sorry to see the back of this one for various reasons.

    HAappy new year to one and all.

    Love to all, sylvi. xx

  • Hi Sylvie!! I see you were here just 39 minutes ago. Maybe you are still up? Or done sleeping?

    I'm still up because I am looking for a blog I read this afternoon, from Lavanderlady, in which she suggested maybe someone could make a dictionery of English and American drug names to show which ones are the same. Well, I did! I listed the DMARDS, NSAIDS, and the BIOLOGICS. Forgot to list the Corticosteroids, so was going to go back to add them, But I can't find the blog it was under.

    Have you by any chance, seen it?

  • No loretta i haven't,but if you send her a message she will get it. Go to the top of the page and you'll see the heading titles go to messages and click onto it and then follow instructions and you will get her. love sylvia. xx

  • The Drug names can be quite different, Tilda who I though was British was quoting American names?.. saying acetaminophen ( generic)was the same as tylenol.( brand name). in England this drug is plain old paracetamol!

  • I did not know paracetamol was tylenol. I always wondered why I was never offered paracetamol.....lol

  • I know this feed is 5 years old, I just came accross it....but Wow!! I love your garden Sylvi!!

  • Thank you darling.xxxxx

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