Positive meeting with boss

I popped into my bus depot today to chat with boss (he would have phoned me this afternoon as arranged). Picked up my new staff bus passes.

We had a chat about my return to work I'm the new year. He is sending me to Occupational Health. He agreed that I should have a phased return to work and would ensure that I have support for my first drive back. He said that if there was a problem going forward he would look for alternative work within the company. Also agreed that I could have time off for my medical appointments. Wasn't phased about my mild depression (result of too much day time TV).

Came away feeling positive with my Christmas box of a tub of Heroes.

Looking forward to the new year.

So to all my colleagues in the RA Club, Happy New Year.


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  • How good to be so appropriately supported. All the best for your return to work.

  • That sounds positive . But don't forget if they go back on their promise get a union rep !!

    But sounds like a better new year x

  • Great news ☺

  • Sounds very positive, must have made you feel a bit less stressed about your return to work. All the very best to you Jacqui for a better New Year. X

  • it's so nice to hear that you've got the right support in the workplace. Especially as so many employers seem to not understand or want to support their staff.

    Wishing you all the best for 2017 x

  • It's so nice to hear of a boss who has a heart.

    I'm sure it it helps to know that he will support you as you return to work.

    Good Luck ....i bet it will be good to get away from the rubbish on daytime TV!

    Don't eat those Heroes all in one sitting!!!

  • What a wonderful positive start to your year 😀

    Sounds like you've got a very understanding boss, and a good company to work for. Enjoy your chocolates 😝x

  • Hi JacquI

    I to am a bus driver and was diagnosed with RA mid 2016, I have had great support from my depot manager along with the support of the union. I will be returning to work on a phased return of two days a week as of 1st of January, now that my medication is getting sorted.

    Good luck and don't push yourself to hard it will get easier over time with all the support around you. Don't let anyone push you into returning to full time until you are ready, it's your safety and the safety of others around you that matters the most.

    Good luck


  • May I message you tomorrow, want to talk more privately.

  • Yes of course anytime

  • Sounds like things are starting to work out for you. Brilliant.

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