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"Mum you have HANDS "

Well seems my new meds working well so far is , as my daughter said to me "mum you have hands " in a shrill and surprised voice . Still swollen but not so much and not as red , other bits still ache . Head and throat still bit off Now just wish not so tired still and my get up and go got up and gone . got things to do , birthday pressies ,christmas pressies , to get . Sort out what ot wear to party Sat if have energy to go . Really need to go to town today as it market day but fed up trying to find somewhere to park, as council taken half of the disabled parking from town centre away .So I will have a cuppa and think about it , lol.

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See your rheumy about the tiredness, i'm sure there's something they can do to help you. Pressies get them on line to save you going out and struggle with the traffic, clothes look at next day delivery if you see something online. Have a lovely soak in the bath with somme nice bubbly in the bath. Then plan your stractegy for how you can make things easier in the next few days. Don't be down my friend keep going girl.

SYlvi. xx


Ahh a bbath , the very thought makes me feel all soppy , lol I have not had a bath for about 10 years , as unable to get out of them even if could get in . Last time knee gave way and wacked my head , so showers ever since . and need help to have one of those here . Prob why i like going swimming when i can , if I can . and will do next year, Wonder if they will mind me putting bubbles in ,;)))


Your post reminds me of a funny story when my son was about 3 we were on a holiday in the countryside, after about 3 days of endless driving thru the greenery with millions o f sheep in the distance, my son said " look mum they've got legs" it was very funny! He had thought they were just little White cotton balls dotted around, it's one of those little things you never forget!

Glad your hands feeling a little better.

X Gina


Pleased that your hands are better,

Re the parking look in the hand book that came with your blue badge I believe you can park on yellow lines providing you are not by a dropped curb, or causing an obstruction x

Alison x


Hi Alison

Yes you can, trouble is there so many disabled here that on abusy day you can drive around town for ages to find a spot , Have even got a taxi near christmas , just means can not buy much as can not carry it , and put it in the car like I would if have my own car there so swings and rounderbouts, lol

Pam x



Really happy that your hands seem to be at long last getting better. I wonderr why we are so affected in our hands?

Ra makes you realise how much we need our hands.

Hope you continue to improve

Sci x


I think hands really suffer with RA because they are an easier target than the largest joints. I've had pain in all joints but it hasn't lasted long thankfully - but hands and wrists have been by far the worst - it's never gone away in my fingers for months and months and I've assumed it's because they are more delicate and easily affected?

Also I know I use hands most repetitively as an artist whereas I am only on my feet so much and spend a lot of my life sitting down working so guess that continual use makes them the most vulnerable to a systemic disease such as this? There are things we can do such as push doors shut with our bodies and use handbags with long straps, if you have a laptop that you can set to tap the mouse then that is good too but basically many of us are using them 24/7 and not always very kindly. TT x


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