Day two after infusion

Day two after infusion

Well here i am on day two. Yesterday i had a good day after i got back from a funeral i went into the garden. I overdid it as usual,but i was so pleased i could a bit of gardening. I uplifted Daffodils and then put geraniums that was in my conservatory all winter into that place. I also got hubby to get the rest of the plants out and i tidied them up ready for summer. By three i thought Sylv. you have done enough about time you stopped girl which i did and then i sat out front with my art therapy colouring books until dinner time.

Memo to self,just because you have more go in you and your in less pain, you still have some horrible diseases that will still take the stuffing out of you. Today i am going to a parade with hubby and our daughter so no gardening today for me. I have degeneration in my neck and it is giving me a rough time today. Okay so rest today girl and go out with your camera and enjoy your day and i hope you all have a lovely day as well.xxxx

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  • It's all about balance & recognising when you've done enough whilst still being active with me I've found. You did some good work yesterday so having a day off from using the same joints may be just what you need, not repeating activities each day, splitting the low work like planting & doing it on alternate days may be the way to tackle the jobs that need doing in your garden possibly? I've been doing a tad too much in the garden making the most of the nice weather & I think that's why I've caused further pain in my neck, even though I had regular breaks but I still want to keep active, it's difficult isn't it?

    Have a lovely day today Sylvi but don't push things too far & hopefully you'll not pay for it tomorrow. x

  • I have degeneration in my neck and to be honest it is very sore this morning, i love my little patch of garden even though it is not very big it is big enough for me. For once i had the sense to stop which is something i don't usually very good at that.

  • I can appreciate how awful it is, I have cervical spondylosis & it's reminding me too often nowadays so really feel for you coping with your neck & your other issues. It's lovely to have an established garden, your pics are proof of that & I'm trying to get ours back to something like having been left to run wild after 11 years of tenants but I've run out of room to plant up now & it's frustrating. We had such a large garden before & I feel hemmed in here so can't wait to move to somewhere with more scope to plant up. Just come in now from tidying again, trying to do a few hours when it's clement. We're desperately short of colour but the peony is just about ready to bloom, it's the most glorious pink, much like your dress, it's one established plant they've not killed off & I can't wait! Hugs back. x

  • Hi Sylvi, nice to hear you had a good day pottering in the garden, it is such a lovely feeling when we are able to accomplish things we enjoy doing isn't it, good too that you told yourself to stop, it's so easy to think 'I will just do that bit' and then suffer afterwards. Enjoy the parade and get some nice photos, hopefully your neck will settle down and not cause you too much discomfort. I am feeling good this morning after having my knee drained yesterday, and my head feels ok after taking Methotrexate last night. Just to have the pain go makes such a difference. I too will have to tell myself to rest today, like you I feel like doing all sorts when the pain lifts, but I won't. Hope the weather stays nice for you, very windy here. Have a lovely day.


  • How is your knee this morning has it helped having it drained? I will take a lot of photos today and i will try and post one tomorrow on here the rest will be on f/book. I love my photography. Hugs.xxxx

  • Lovely photo Silvi! :) you certainly have a way with plants :)

    Mmmm pacing/balance is such a tricky thing all round... Since having been told that my heart rate is that of an elite athlete I've decided that my 'specialty event' is the 'long distance autoimmune inflammatory disease hurdles' and like all elite athletes there are times when I need to push myself and times when I need to ease back and rest in order to avoid fatigue and injury - I've got my knowledgeable physio in tow, a good athletes diet happening, loads of expert coaches to turn to (via this site, GP, rheumy, counsellor plus other specialists) and a strong set of cheerleaders in the form of family, friends and work colleagues -heck all I need now is for Her Majesty's Government to wake up and realise the effort going on here and to set up a lottery fund for a specialist training camp to happen for 2 weeks of the year where I can spend time with likeminded athletes to develop my ability in this ultra marathon event!!!

    All the best


    PS does anyone know when I can do a Paula Radcliffe and announce my retirement from my 'chosen' sport and go back to normal life????

  • My knee feels much better this morning. just a bit hot and slight throb but I wont be complaining about that, definitely has helped having it drained. Look forward to seeing your photos, you do post lovely pictures. X

  • hi, happy granny , glad yr knee feeling bit better today. We had a lovely time with the family this afternoon, managed to sit outside in sunshine. I made two Victoria sandwiches and plate of scones with jam and clotted cream. Even made a traybake for my son in law to take home which he loves because my daughter never bakes anything for him !! I am completely knackered now and hubby is going to cook tea tonight, bless him.

    Xxxxx lynda

  • Pleased you had a nice afternoon, no sunshine here and any cakes would have blown away. Have a good rest now and enjoy having tea made for you, you deserve it. I have had a really lazy day so that tomorrow I can have a wander round the garden centre and might (or do I mean will? lol) treat myself to some more plants, hopefully tomorrow will be better here and I can potter outside for a couple of hours. X


  • Good news you've had success with your pain injection, and you are feeling so much brighter and active. Don't overdo it today ! I'm a fine one to say that though, I have all my family round this afternoon, with cakes, scones etc. to make and only managing 1 hr 30 mins in bed due to the usual pain !! Take care, lynda xxx

  • Hi Lynda, just resting today. Poor you it's awful when you can't sleep. Have a lovely time with your family. Happy baking. x

  • Love the photo Syliva. So pleased your feeling bighter. VERY well done for not over doing things. Now what am I going to with myself . Normal is telling you Xxx ....

  • it's really hard when I have more energy not to spend it all isn't it? I'm so glad that you're feeling better though,and it sounds like you had a really productive day. thank you for the photograph, thank you for the hope,too. I'm looking forward to getting out of the hospital tomorrow, and what you write makes me feel like its disease is more than survivable, in this scratch and Scrabble sort of way. xx

  • Sorry to hear your in hospital. This morning my joints feel a whole lot more better than yesterday.My mistake was thinking because the pain had gone everything else would too. The diseases are still there and i still have to be careful more about how much i do. So i still have to be careful what i do,but it is in a lot less pain thank goodness. It is worth looking into for anyone suffering as much pain as well.

    I hope you soon feel better enough to be able to get out of hospital.xxxx

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