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Bad day at reynolds towers

Well hello everyone,

After being so pleased with painting the garage, i knew i would suffer. So i thought be a good girl and rest, which i did yesterday. My hubby and daughter took me to a parade yesterday afternoon, which i enjoyed desoite being uncomfortable. My daughter is standard bearer for our local british legion, so she was on parade as was hubby as he's ex army. Weather lovely, people were vlovely, food good. So i should have thought i would have a good nights sleep, wrong. Went to bed after having a soak in bath about 9.30pm, having took my pills. Resting while watching a bit of tv, can't tell you what i watched though. I was up and down all night, either going to the loo or having a drink, couldn'tb get comfy no matter what i did. Could go to sleep,but couldn't stay asleep.

I woke up stiff and sore, must be the fibro, didn't get up until gone 8am, felt like i hadn't had any sleep. I know weather affects fibro, but i didn't think, i never do. I ache all over today and i'm not going to be able to do anything, which is very annoying for me. I'm very tired as well,which shouldn't be a surprise. After having a bit of a cry and cuddle of hubby, i'm resigned to having to rest again today.

Take care all

\\\\\\\\\\\\\love Sylvia. xx

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Oh Sylvia - it's so easy done isn't it. There is nothing worse than not have a good sleep. You can still be pleased with yourself though. It was one heck of an achievement. I have been threatening to tackle my hallway - had the paint for months and months. Just can't get up the enthusiasm and I know I wouldn't both cleaning out the brushes and rollers and stuff and I know Mr Silageman is too busy to do it for me.. so it doesn't get done.

Never mind, you have another rest. Weather is awful here at the moment and my tummy i still not right. Had to forego my trip to hydro pool this morning, not sure whether it is a bug or what, but I am hardly eating and feel weak as a kitten.

You take care

Julie xxx


Julie, i'm sorry that your not feeling much better, but these type of things takebtheir time to go. Even after diviticulitis weeks ago i still have to be careful what i eat, as it will go straight through me, so i have sympathy for how your feeling.

What about your son and heir doing your hall for you or is he out on the farm with your hubby?

I know bi'm not great today,but did you have a laugh at the blog, i hope you did and it made you smile.

Been to with hubby as he needed to see someone at work,so i went for the ride. I stayed in the car, while he got what he needed to do and then we came home and know i'm sitting here resting again. I keep debating whether to go to bed or not. I'm reluctant to go as i want to sleep tonight.

Take care Julie.

Love Sylvia. xx


Oh Sylvia, just when you were starting to feel a little better. RA also as a habit of suddenly giving us a sharp reminder just when we think things have settled down. I'm so sorry, must be the after affects of doing that painting!!

Don't let it get you down though, you may feel very different tomorrow after resting your obviously not as well as you thought you were.

Sometimes the mind is willing but the body isn't.

Have a rest and hopefully you can sleep a little better tonight, I'll be thinking of you.

You have a good hubby like I do to take care of you anyway, where would we be without them.

Take care Sylvia

mand xx


Mand, mines a goldmine,i couldn't cope without him, i can tell you. He's 12yrs older than me and he's a lot fitter.

Love Sylvia. xx


Hi Sylvi

So sorry to hear you are Feeling rubbish today and I hope you get a good rest tonight and tomorrow turns out a better day For you.

RA is bad enough to cope with the fatigue side of it but when you also have the double Fatigue that Fibro causes its a nightmare and even though we try out best to pace ourselves something so simple can set us back a Few days.

However do as you have done today and rest and hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

I to have a Fantastic partner and done know were I'd be without him. on the scrap heap probably lol!

Take care hope you Feel better soon. You too Julie !

Julie x


Hello Julie.

Have had another rough night, but i feel brighter in myself today. I have been swimming this morning. My next door neighbour takes me, she goes to bums & tums while i swim. I have done 8 lengths with a break at each end, which i did pedals with my feet and at the shallow i shoulder rolls. So now here i am resting for the rest of the day. The weather here is awful, its very wet and windy. It's like winter outside, I also noticed the leaves are shredding their leaves. We went to yesterday and thats when i saw all the leaves falling.

Sylvia. xx


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