Too much snow

Wow, overnight last night we got about 10 inches of snow, and it has been snowing all day, so we could get up to 8 more inches they are saying. I lost my electricity at 11:45 this morning and my house got down to 57 inside before it finally came back on 6 hours later. Boy I got bored without either the internet or tv. I went back to bed & piled on the blankets & read most of a book while trying to stay warm.

I decided around 3 pm that I needed to clean off my jeep and make a path for the mail-lady, and while I was out there, I made a small snowman too. The snow is so heavy, I kept having to take a minute & rest between every few shovel loads. Hope I didn't mess up my back again; it was just finally feeling better after 4 months of lower back pain. There are lots of broken branches on the ground, this reminds me of the bad storm we had in '97.

I'll have to get out earlier tomorrow, as I have to be across town at 3 pm and then tomorrow night is the Super Bowl. I watch it mainly for the commercials; I don't care about either football team this year.

Think I'll make a hot supper, that'll help warm me up.


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Wow you cope with the snow much better over there.

We had approx 5 inches today and all public transport was stopped, I got stuck in the snow on a hill to my house and ended up with four neighbours helping me and my chair out. Think I'll be staying in tIll its cleared

Take care and stay warm x


Hi Christine, I wondered about you...My brother in Denver, actually north of Denver was happy to be able to use his Christmas present! Here in Ohio, we got just about an inch, then by noon, it started raining and now it's all gone.

I love making a snowman! Haven't done that for decades, since my guys were little. We rarely get enough snow to roll a big snowman from a little snowball!

Sure hope you didn't hurt your back, but I understand the temptation :)

Some nice hot tortilla soup should warm you right up! Cheers, L.xx


Yeah snow here in the north east of England and we live a bit rurally so its always deep here. But power etc is on and the main roads are fine.

I really wimp out though when it comes to snow and ice. I hate driving in the snow and had to take my daughters new (first aaah) boyfriend home, he now knows I am a scardy cat!!

But I got some new things from GO Outdoors which clip onto your shoes and are wire coils under the foot to stop you slipping, they say you can walk and run normally in them....hurrah does that mean they cure RA cos I cant walk or run normally lol!! So I'm gonna try them this afternoon with my hubby and see if they are good. They are also small enough to have in your bag so that will be helpful.

Enjoy the superbowl, I heard Madonna is performing? I'm going to watch rugby later in front of the fire and I am pleased I managed to do some ironing!! Seems like the steroid injection from Tuesday is finally kicking in a bit!

Love Axx


Does sound like you are pretty upbeat! Madonna was a spectacular hit! Wonderful, very well planned program, choice music and she had plenty of clothes on. But, my word, she is 53!! She has the body of a 20-30 yr old! No negative press from that girl today!


No Snow here lol in Southport UK. I'm glad to say cos it was this time last year when had our first bad snow for 25 years, and it made a mess with my RA , hope all of you who have snow, take care and keep warm.



Report is Denver and Nebraska where tinwoman Christine is got more snow overnight!1 But my big (as in older) brother is having a wonderful time with his new snowblower, probably overkill size under normal conditions!

Alas, here in Northern Ohio, the snow was gone by noon yesterdsay, only has 2 inches anyways, the sun is shing on Sunday afternoon, good time for the Super Bowl, which is indoors anyways. We might have some snow flurries on Weds, as what the West has now will arrive here. But not as much as it will likely melt and turn to rain.

Now you/ve all had the weather report from half the world, brought to you by NRAS and Healthunlocked.. Take care, dear friends, have a nice warm cozy snuggley sleep :) Loret xxxc


You know if I win the lottery I am immediately gonna buy a snow blower or glitter gun!! Yes my daughter thinks I'm mad too but wouldn't that be fun



:P Go for the glitter gun!


Well I don't wish to sound smug, but you lot have got it easy tonight. Up on my central european hill it's -16 celsius outside at the moment, and likely to drop further as have a clear sky. So currently in two fleeces, with hot water bottle and blanket wrapping, and mug of hot chocolate. Not the best moment not to have a proper roof over me. P


Would not like that one bit !! Axx


Oh gosh that is a bummer! Maybe you could rent a tent? I feel guilty now. Minus 16!!! That is nasty. Do you not have any heat in the house until the roof is done? I am really sorry, sure hope they get it all together tomorrow! Peace and love, Loretxx


Nah, I just wanted a bit of sympathy. It's our choice to live in an old, cold, draughty stone house at this altitude. But there are compensations! Sun's just coming up & it will be a glorious day with bright blue sky, and sparkly snow. The baker's van's been by, and I've put fresh food out for the birds so am now munching a fresh croissant with milky coffee and watching the birds hop about. Not that bad really! Px


OK, You got me now! The baker's van...? I don't know that we have any such thing here, atleast not in my neck of the woods :) If there were, my dream treat is, a Blueberry glazed donut, with the hot coffee, with sugar free caramel creamer, and added Splenda (sucralose) Yeah right, like.. before I die, maybe!

The brilliant blue sky, hovering over the sparkling white landscape, as the birds gather for their own baker's break, is a memorable scene! I so envy you. Recalls the place I used to own, where I had my first coffee of the morning, out on the deck, feeding the birds and squirrels. I so miss that, but that is a whole other story, describing how things got once I was unable to work.

Now I'm getting morose, best stop, have lots of Monday morning things to do, like get the sheets back on the bed before my "endurance meds" wear off! Cheers, folks ! L.xx


Don't get morose, try to remember good times with joy and pleasure that you have positive stuff to reflect back on.

Baker's vans are typical of very rural areas of France, which is where I am. Also have a greengrocer & fishmonger once or twice a week. They come out from a nearby village, and stop off in each hamlet. But pretty simple stuff, so I think a blueberry doughnut (or even donut) would be beyond them! Hope you got the chores done Px


LOL ! I am getting there, have several things going at once, like write back a note to sister-in-law, sheets are just ready to go in the dryer,have just put some boneless, skinless chicken thighs in a slow cooker with green and red bell peppers and onions and Fajita seasoning. When it's all cooked up, i will dump a ladle of it on a tortilla and roll it up with some shredded chedar cheese in it. No, It is NOT on my diet! But it 's healthy. Even whole wheat tortillas.

Now to fold the towels from the dryer, sit down and read the mail, turn on the 6:00 news and then put the sheets back on the bed. Had no nap today, so will be ready to watch that disgusting show "The Bachelor" on TV at 8pm. :P

What a silly bunch of broads! But at 10:00, is "Castle" ooooh my, what a hunk he is! He's no kid, but he sure is smooth and gentle and....oh uh yeah, back to reality!! He is a detective/writer, trying to get ideas for his books by hanging out at the police station, and of course, the chief detective is startlingly gorgeous, and he has eyes for her, and she for him, but they won't admit it to each other. I hope you can get "Castle" though it may be on a different night.

And then we go to bed. With a cat :(lol L.xx


ps: By the way, that is an ideal setting to live in, all those services right to your door! I could live with that, as long as I could get in my car and go someplace once in awhile. Like to a theatre :) Or the Library!


Very windy and snowy in the midlands. I found out what it was like to walk with awalking stick in the snaow. Hard going!!!!

I stayed in for the rest of time and stayed in the warm. Oh for the days of snow fights and snowman. Just a thought I could have made one and given it my extra stick

My cat who does not go out period kept trying to catch the snow flakes through the window ans fell off the window sill in the process

Hey ho rain today so no more snow - shame the garden looked pretty


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