Snow again, update, and positive thoughts

Snow again, update, and positive thoughts

Hello again more snow last night and I have to try to get to drs tonite.. not far luckily, hope you are all reasonably well and keeping warm.

My dad was taken home through snow from my counties 2nd hospital nine miles from my home and nearly thirty from my parents home in v snowy forest of dean( cheltenham hospt) after over 20 days in hospital including 4 in intensive care.

The hosp were I go as patient is Gloucester and when well I work here too,

Currently signed of tl beginning feb with bad flare, waiting new drug treatment of some sort.. just had a steroid jab in backside to tide me over but still in pain.. left arm dominant arm worst affected.

We must try to keep warm and safe in the snow and think positive thoughts, I always think there are people a lot worse than me.. also some people more well than me , but I and we all will get there,

There is a lot of great people on this site and I have met some in person it is such a great resource and we should be greatful it is here, I personally have learnt and gained a lot of hlep and support, special mention needs to go to nras, sylvi,, Lavender, watson ,Cathie and allanah and paula to name just a few, and my old mates Gina, ,Tricia, and ra Fibro too.

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  • You are a special friend and i am we met through

  • Hi Alison. Glad your Dad is out of hospital. Hope he was well enough to go home.

    Good luck with doctors appt. I also have one today with my rheum consultant.?? Anti tnfs.

    I to have benefitted thru friendships educationally and emotionally with people on this site..... thank you too for all your advice and friendship.

    Best of luck for today.


  • Hope you're safe going out. And that you can get a proper treatment. I spent quite a bit of time yesterday sorting through my notes and making a chronology of my experience/ meds with RA. Keep well


  • This site has been a godsend to me too Alison. The support from the lovely people on here has helped me through a very difficult year. A lot of sites on th internet are frequented by idiots who never have a nice word to say but luckily they don't come here to bother us very often. I hope you feel better soon and the steroid gives you some relief. Good luck for your Dr's appointment later x

  • Hiya Alison, what a lovely message, Do hope the injection works a lot better on you than it did for me, Glad to hear that your dad has been able to return home,

    Take care and lot luck at your appointment XX

  • Good to hear that you dad is well enough to come home after all his escapades over the past few months. Not so good to return in the snow, I expect he found it really cold at first as hospitals keep a nice temperature at all times.

    Isn't it funny that we all think the same, people are worse off than ourselves with our aches and pains. Me, I always think of Sylvi as she is constantly in pain and I say to myself if she can cope so can I, Tilda for when I am about to inject, thinking yes you can do it Tilda, and when something beautiful happens it's Watson wishing I had her gift of writing and being able to put pen to paper. So all in all this site brings something to each and everyone of us. Thank you all girls and boys (even you bring your own stories and troubles).

  • where has RAfibro gone? :( hope she's okay...

    do you know what meds they are considering next for you?

    glad Dads home at last, been thinking of you xx

  • aah wiliby my lost friend where have you been too/

  • So glad your dad is home at last. The snow presents so many potential complications doesn't it. But you are completely right about this site - it keeps me sane (well just). Hope you get new meds and feel well again soon. Tilda xxx

  • Hi summer, lovely to hear your dad is now well enough to be back home. It must be such a relief for you all. The ambulance teams are absolute heroes in present conditions. We had an awful sudden white out last week that brought the whole city to a standstill. I'd made the mistake of popping into Waitrose on my way home from hospital and down it all came while I was inside blissfully unaware. Took me 50 very scary minutes to do a journey that usually only takes ten at worst. Was feeling very proud of myself and quite the intrepid explorer until I heard from an ambulance tech friend that night. She told of taking three hours to get a patient to hospital and another three to get back to base. Just doing her job, she said! Put my rather pathetic adventure in perspective. Hope the steroid jab has kicked in by now and you're feeling more comfortable.(( :) )) Pat x

  • My dad was picked up by my brother in his four wheel drive landrover it was only safe in forest of dead to use four wheel drive vehicles lots of snow.

    well done on driving in the summer I have done it a few times this year including visiting dad whilst still in hospital x

  • Thank you all for your kind comments of support so many kind people on her to name everyone individually x


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