does enyone get this

my knees have been like tingling and my feet the other day when i took wifes aunt for her tests to the hospital whent all cold when i came back i have been putting cold sore stuff on me toes cos they have been as cold as snow

then at night time about 6pm they start warming up again for no reason.

its like when you whent snowballing when you where a little kid without gloves on and your hands where all cold

feels like the stuff under my knees swell then my feet go cold and me knees go cold and ive been in the house keeping warm

anybody got this and any tips to put on cold sores on feet

dont mind aching knees but cold feet i draw the line at.

good news is i see the knee man tomorrow they changed me date cos he was not on on the 23

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  • Hi there . Are you sure these red areas are not chilblains (Peroni) this can be a for of vasculitis. You can treat yourself with friars balsam with weak iodine. But I would see you own GP for some advice. Especially as you have other areas that are affected.

    Cotton wool between the toes often helps with the circulation.

    Good luck

  • Left a private message for you JOHN JOHN, Good luck for tomorrow Xx

  • Could also be Raynauds - either primary or secondary it makes you fingers and sometimes feet go icy cold and white/ blue? I'm the same these days have to wear gloves and thick socks - today I thought I was going to turn into an ice cube even indoors in Tescos but for me I think it's the MTX, menopause or RA (or all three!) Tilda x


    me dad never told me this would happen at 62

    thats what ive been thinking to tilda spot on as usuall raynaulds

    i will try petrol and a match this afternoon but the buggers are starting now and im in the house tryed thick socks with lining in them dosnt work that good

    this did happen last time cold feet then when i got the knee better it whent

  • Your like me Tilda, Menopause RA and MTX, At least there is one thing John that can't affect your feet :) :) XX


    me dad never told me this would happen at 62

  • Well I'm in good company then! TTxx

  • Hi John, sorry to hear about the menopause. Cold things stimulate circulation as well as hot ones, better in my experience, I find a bag of frozen peas on my joints for 10 minutes gets the blood going round. Probably not much good once your feet are cold - mine get dead cold too - but might prevent the coldness starting. I think I'll experiment with a bag of peas before bed as that's when my feet start feeling like they are in the freezer. Luce x

  • if i put cold on it think it would be worse tingling and cold british weather eh

    will put a blog up how i whent on

  • I Know people tinkering with bikes in their 70s.. noron. bsa, greeves, do any of these float your boat john?. my ex used do up and race classic greeves scamblers I know bit abit bikes. havent been biking( pillion) for at least ten years..

    Think raynauds/ circulatory problems could be your problem . best see GP

    alison ex biker chic.

  • yep know all these alison had 6 nortons in race trim at one time got married and sold the lot for our house doing work on it sob sob but it had to be done been thinking raynaulds boy does it give ya cold sores well they look like that never had it befor the knee whent down

    and lasst time this knee whent down i had cold feet but pulled back and it whent

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