Methotrexate shortage

I was told today that I may not be able to pick up my methotrexate, because there was a shortage. I had to wait for an hour until the pharmacy received their shipment & they could see if any mtx came. Fortunately, it did, so I got my prescription, whew.

Why do we never hear about these shortages until it has already happened? Hopefully, they start making it again Soon.

Yesterday we had a record-breaking 70 degrees. I went walking once in the morning & again in the late afternoon. I was just in shirt-sleeves & was totally sweating as I walked around the lake, with about 150-200 other people. I even saw 2 young girls sunbathing on a parkbench, wow, in January!

Then, about 1/2 way through a meeting last night, my left wrist just started aching really badly. I had to hold it tight & periodically put it above my heart to keep the swelling down. It was so hot too. I wore my wrist brace most of today and it feels a bit better. Hopefully it will be back to 'normal' tomorrow, I sure hope so, because I have an interview for a part-time job and I want to make a good impression. I'll probably leave my brace in the car & only have it off for the interview and then I'll put it back on.

Have a great day,


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  • Wonderful news, Christine! I will be thinking of you and sending a prayer that you get the job, if it is something you want.

    This weather is so strange this year. We had 58 degrees in Northern Ohio, 20 degrees above normal.

    I really do believe what they tells us about the barometric pressure changes, especially a drop, causes increased pain in joints.

    For the first time in more than 2 years, I am suspecting I might be headed to a flare, as everything is shooting pains in my feet, ankles, worstly my hands! Expect it in the right one, it's always nasty, but the left hand hasn't been much problem till yesterday and last night.

    Best of luck tomorrow! Loret xxxx

  • Good luck with your interview. Sending thoughts and prayers for you. Wow shortage of MTX goodnesss what would happen if they had not received any in their delivery? The weather here is icy and frosty in the north west of England I have just had to de-ice my car to get to work. Its 7.45am so I had better start work. Let us know how the interview goes and I hope your wrist isn't too painful. Take care and fingers crossed. Xxx

  • Hi

    It's warmer where you are. At the moment in the uk we are in a cold snap. Some places have experienced snow already and most have had sleet. Tonight it's meant to be really cold with temps well below freezing. I hope they grit the roads this evening.

    Sorry to hear your wrists are giving you jip, I hope they will be ok for your interview. Good luck for the interview and I hope you impress them and get the job.

    Take care Sci x

  • Make sure you rest well today so can have best chance of being in tip-top condition for your interview. Currently -5 here so no chance of sunbathing. Good luck. Pollyx

  • hi

    I got my Methorexate without any problems yesterday thankfully (or not cos I hate it!!) You lucky thing having warmth as I felt so much better in the heat.

    Good luck for the interview and hope it goes well. () Axx

  • Good luck with interview, my wrist is playing up at the moment.

    Very cold here in Dublin, ice on my pond at 12 midday! got short walk in this morn tho. Waiting to get wrist injection, hopefully will help.

    xx Gina.

  • Good luck for the interview I will be thinking of you and sending a prayer that you get the job

  • Good luck in your interview - I hope that it all goes well for you. Rest your wrist ok

    love and hugs xx

  • Yes best of luck Christine - for the job and the wrist. TTx

  • 70 degress - ooooh - lucky you - Maria would love a bit of that!

  • HI Christine, i am about 24 hours late and i really hope the interview went well! and that the inflammation has calmed down.

    Cold and sunny here in the north of ireland

  • Thanks everyone for the good vibes, the interview went Ok. It isn't quite my ideal job, but I tried for it anyway. The two ladies were very nice and they asked me what I'd done this last year. I told them that I had searched for a job and that I had volunteered for the Arthritis Foundation & at The Salvation Army. They asked if I could type with my hand deformities, and I assured them that I still can.

    They said I'll know in about 10 days, and they want the person to start by March. This job would be out of my comfort zone, but I would grow as a person-self esteem, (and I would get insurance). I'll blog later when I hear if I do/don't get the job.

    Wrist still aches, I wore my brace all day today. We have a snow-storm coming in; they can't decide if it'll bring just a dusting, or 6 inches, or up to a foot of snow. Maybe I can make my snowman & go sledding this time.


  • By the way how was your interview for part time job then?!

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  • Oops, I forgot to tell people. I did not get the job. I think it was because of my obvious arthritis, but really-who can tell? It could have been any number of things that others said in their interview that I didn't or something.

    Thanks for the free methotrexate website, Dannie, I'll try it.


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