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What do we do when the snow and ice comes?

Yesterday we opened the curtains and had a shock! White, snow, icy pavements. My personal horror. Last year in the really bad snow here in Scotland, there were several weeks when I hardly ventured out. And I am quite paranoid about it, I had an anxiety dream about being on the edge of a wooden jetty, nearly over the edge and backing myself carefully away from it. So it's serious!

I've stocked up the freezer, lined up my daughter to do the odd emergency shop and briefed my friends that I may not be too reliable. I've got a walking pole, boots with treads on and those ice crampons, although I've heard that they're lethal on non snowy surfaces.

So what do you all do. And how do we cope with cabin fever? I think the Internet must be one of the most fantastic resources for us.

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I bought some salt/grit style stuff (like the grit you get in yellow boxes by the roadside) for the block paved area outsdie our front door that never gets any sun so is always icy fir ages when there has been a spell of snow from Tesco's yesterday - as a result of my preparedness I can guarantee there will be no wintery weather in the south of Buckinghamshire this winter!


Good idea. Hope it works, but the bag we've got hasn't stopped the flakes falling this morning. I forgot to mention my favourite solution which is grocery deliveries. Many years ago I lived in Northallerton in Yorkshire it was the north riding. The local grocer had a boy on a bike who would come. You could phone in the order and have a nice chat with a lady who would offer you several kinds of coffee - revolutionary for the 1970s! So deliveries always feel a bit magical, even though they now come in a van. When they can get thru the drifts at this time of year!

X c


Many many years ago (in the '50's) I was collected from school by my Dad's shop boy using one of the bikes with a basket on the front (where I sat, legs a dangling). My Dad was a grocery shop manager at the time. Boy did I enjoy the journey home. Like most things nowadays it wouldn't be allowed, health and safety and all that. Judi


Wouldn't it be lovely to do that again!


I've just got 2 dogs (Cocker Spaniels) so even the snow can't stop their walks. I'll do what I did last year, wrap up well, a good pair of walking boots, lots of pairs of socks on and hopefully they'll be good dogs and not pull me. lol x


That sounds like a very healthy option!


Oh I relate totally to your worrying Cathie. As I think I've said a few times on HU we live on side of a very steep hill and to go down is perillous but to go up even more so. Added to that the car can't get up the hill and out once snow lies and we have to walk down steps which ice up and become indistinguishable to get into town and this first winter with RA proper is dreadworthy indeed. OH and the boys are talking stocking up on sledges while I fret inwardly about everything relating to ice and snow. You are not alone! TTx


Worth really putting your foot down and impressing on your nearest and dearest that if you broke anything it would be massively inconvenient to all. Yes, we're on a hill too, but not a steep one! Do you have walking poles? When I was really bad a few years ago I went to our allotment barbecue with one and everyone thought I'd been long distance walking. rather ironic really as it was as much as I could do to walk to the allotment! But they do help without looking too surgical.

I didn't make it to the gallery this morning. But people tell me it was slippery out there. And I cleared up a section (!) of my desk only to find opened mail I'd completely forgotten about. Must have come around the time I was on holiday don't you think!


PS I keep looking at the forecast for your parts and thinking... hope you can feel the warm vibes.


Hello! Im completely the same when it comes to this kind of weather! All of my friends are really looking forward to going out in the snow etc but all I can think of is snow=ice=falling over=broken bones=more pain... not a very positive thought I know. Iv still got some christmas shopping to do and need to get to and from uni and work so there is no way that I can really stay in all day all the time. My Mum and Dad have been gritting the drive and pathway for me so that its not as slippy and I have been buying shoes with lots of grip on them. I always make sure Iv got a fold away walking stick in my bag so if it is a bit slippy then Iv got something to hold on to. I think the key is just to take things slow and steady and allow yourself more time to do things. If the weather is really bad then maybe ask your family and friends if they would mind helping you with any erronds? I know Ill be relying on my mum, dad and sister !

Hope you are well,

Em :) x


I don't have an answer, just empathy. I'm terrified of a twisted ankle. Since RA I don't spring back from things like that. Last time was about 1996 and I had to wear one of those customized cast-like braces for 6 months. Good luck to you! Just go slow and use your head. Stay vertical, friend!


Empathy is brilliant. Lets all have shed loads!!

Thankyou for all that everyone. Em, it sounds as though you have a good support system, it would be much worse for them if you were injured.

Beth, I had a sprained ankle about ten years ago too - walking into an irrigation ditch in a farm in Morocco - and had to return in a wheel chair, and was confined to home for ages. I get my daughter to brief me on the state of the pavements - current wisdom is to leave it to later in the morning to let the frost go away.

Yes lets all stay (more or less) vertical. Sounds like a slogan.



I hardly went out from December to ..... ? last year due to the snow and ice. This year I have ordered some of the crampon things to attach to my shoes. Hope they work. Judi


Judi, watch out for how the crampon things work inside shops etc. I've been told that they can be slippery. Aren't we a lot of worriers!!


I also got stuck in for a number of weeks last winter when I couldn't or couldn't safely move my car from our street:-(

My daughter goes out to work at around 6.45 am so I get a 'state of the pavements' status update. I have to walk my dogs so as long as I can get the car out it's safer for me to drive to open space, the beach or the woods and let them run around off the lead. When it's perilously slippery my daughter comes over and does all the dog walking, bless her - aided by my sons around their work shifts.

I'm very afraid of breaking a bone as I know that I've lost bone density due to all the steroids over my lifetime - but as much as possible I get out, it's important for my emotional well being not to be unnecessarily housebound! I'm a sociable person:-}

I use walking poles with cork shaped handles - they have removable rubber tips that give way to a metal spiked tip for better grip in slippery conditions - I always use these for walking the dogs and then in icy conditions generally.

Last year my elderly neighbours [all over 70] kindly [and regularly] dug out and salted the pavement outside my house and a route around my car so that I could safely get to it. My offspring were in charge of salting and clearing the front path which slopes downwards away from the house. I live in a lovely, friendly street and that is really heart-warming:-)

Stay safe!

Cece x


Beaches are brilliant places for walking dogs aren't they.

I agree about getting out, but sometimes it just isn't possible. Last year I was doing an online course which helped. And I can always look outside at the people going past and feel like that character in Tale of Two Cities - who hears the footsteps going past...

Sorry - I have rather a vivid imagination - and must get OUT!

Cathie XX


I will be going out when someone takes i think. i've got a rather good scooter if the weather is not too bad. If today is anything to go by i won't be going far. I went uo the village this morning a foolish thing i know,but it was sunny and i went to get a binder to sort my bureau out as its a mess. Git up there and did a bit of shopping,no good going if you don't. Put my stick in the basket on the back and of whizz home,struggled all the way as i had quite a bit,got home and stick gone. I was aching by then and i just sat and cried,luckily daughter got her bike out and went and found it for me bless her. If i'm like this now i won't be going far when the snow comes. I have puzzle books,tv,laptop,mags,and all you lovely people on here,what more can a girl ask for.

Sylvi. xx


I've done a bit more christmas shopping from real shops, stocked up on soup and avoided the patches of ice still on the pavements here. Its above freezing (just) but the ice was still there around 2.30pm so I assume that it will still be there in the morning!

Keep well and snug, sylvi. Sounds like you've got quite a bit to keep you busy!



In the winter, I walk as flat-footed as I can. That helps so that I don't slide on snow or ice. I have a long driveway, and a 4-wheel drive Jeep, so I don't really get stuck at home-(unless my doors freeze shut). I had to climb in the passenger side the other day and kick the driver side open. One year, I had to climb in the back window & crawl over both seats to get in, ugh.

Be safe, everyone.


Don't venture out until roads and walks are cleared. Internet, yes. Eats up time so fast! You could bake bread, biscuits, cookies, etc and take them to your neighbors, and friends, etc.

I have been on here for 2 hours now and my wrists are complaining.

It has gotten very cold tonight! 17 degrees at the moment, might hit ten by morning. Should just stay in bed tomorrow, have often wondered how that would be?


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