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Life changes - day 1, realisation

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Hi, I am getting to the point where I know that I need to make some quite serious changes in my life. I read and read and am knowledgeable on what needs to be done, but it is about making that first step, that first change. Not overwhelming myself with too many goals, just making small steps. Take one day at a time. Smoking has to be that first change for me. I know that once I can tackle that, most other things will come naturally. I am literally on my last little bit of tobacco and then I am going to do it... I have got to do it. I am new to this group today, delighted that I can express myself anonymously, and potentially having a 'go to' place when I need a lift. Mx

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This is exactly how I felt! I read about how to be healthy but couldn’t “take the plunge” for some reason (fear of change I think?). I finally stopped smoking 19 days ago and found the fear was worse than the actual quit so far. Obviously it has NOT been easy but it is doable if you really want to change. I babied myself for a few weeks then started losing momentum so I figured I would incorporate exercise (not long but enough so I sweat) and it’s really helped me to stay motivated and feel inspired to become healthier.. Maybe you will feel the same! I wish you the best of luck and have faith you can do it 💪🏼 🚭

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It is a fear of change but, you just have to keep repeating to yourself that it's a good change. Change can be good and healthy, it's also a challenge and challenges keep us on our toes! I have devised a list of why I am doing this, along with the benefits which I will keep in my purse. I can refer to the list if I am struggling.... 19 days is a huge achievement. Well done!! You should be proud of yourself. Day 1 for me. All the best of luck to you too 💪 😊 👍

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Sounds like you are ready and prepared! You’ve got this!! Also thank you. Time is flying…

Hiya *needs a lift* I am quitting smoking on the 16th November 2021. Am still going into the ashtray and smoking dog-ends :( I’m sorry if I’ve ever wronged you in the past but I’m out of my depth and struggling with Suicidal thoughts I think the tobacco conjures up the sickness in me and horrid thoughts and aggression. Please answer my prayers?

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I wish prayers could be answered!!! I am so sorry to hear you are feeling like this. I have done the same with the dog ends in the past 😩 Maybe, now is not the right time to be pressuring yourself to give up smoking. If that is the case, that's okay. This is probably my 4/5th attempt, but I learned something from each failed attempt. If you're not in the right mindset, then you might struggle. Think positive thought, as said above in this chain of replies (and from my experiences), the fear is worse than the quit. This is very true

Hi. 16th is today, how you doing? Like MG36 said, I wouldn't pressure myself to stop if I was feeling mentally unwell and needed it to cope. I've used smoking as a coping mechanism for years too.. and I think I always get back on it when I am feeling low, angry, upset or depressed. I guess it's about re-training our minds, finding healthier methods to cope like breathing when the craving comes.. or exercising, going for runs when the crave rush in... you see, I know what I need to do to quit smoking but the hardest part is making that change.. and guess what, no one is saying do it now, we just over pressure ourselves... we all have different paces and moments when we are more likely to give up smoking... even if it's just for a few days... maybe even just start with a good few hours and next day try quite for longer etc

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