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Day 1 for me

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I have posted on here before. Yes, I have tried on many occasions to quit and I fail every time. Today is a brand new day, and day 1 of my quit. I believe I have only learned from my failed attempts in the past. This time, I am ready. I have my NRT ready to help me through. I would love to attempt this quit cold turkey however, I just do not have the time. With such a busy lifestyle and too many responsibilities, I can't find those keys days just to get through the cold turkey process. Nonetheless, the NRT works, I know that and that is my plan.

Having learned a lot from my previous quit attempts, my biggest difficulty is sleeping. For some reason I find it so difficult to fall asleep when I am giving up however, I am armed and ready. I have downloaded my meditation app, I have charged my kindle (so I can just read until I feel tired), I have bought a journal to write in for those moments when I am really struggling, I have this hub to write on and read other people stories, I have my boyfriends support and I have my NRT. I have literally spent the last couple of weeks preparing for this moment.

I have been smoking since I was 16 years old. I am now 36 (blimey that is a long time!!!). I hide the fact that I smoke from my family and it would be bliss for me to not have to hide this habit anymore. I take my dogs out for 2/3 walks everyday and always get out of breath and I can't hold a conversation whilst I am walking without getting out of breath. It is getting me down so much that I am so aware of changes that I need to make. A 36 year old, who can't walk up a hill without struggling! I am not overweight, I am just unhealthy, unfit and smoking is holding me back. Whilst I love the taste of a cigarette, its just not worth it. I don't know why I do it to myself.

I am generally the sort of person who sets too many goals and then I fail. I set myself up for failure most of the time, so I have decided that the only goal I am going to set for myself is to get through the rest of the year without a cigarette. There is no point in putting too many pressures out there. I can treat myself in the meantime, every time I reach a milestone.

Reading every ones stories on here helps and to anyone in the same boat as me, I wish you all the best of luck.

I'll be back to report on my progress :-) xx

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Lastquit100 Days Smoke Free

I hope that day 1 wasn't too bad! Onwards to day 2. You definitely sound organised with it, 'old nic' has no chance 😁

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MG36 in reply to Lastquit

Thanks Lastquit - day 2, already underway 😀

Hi Mg36, Congratulations on quitting. Be proud of your self it's a massive step. I myself am on day 10. And also using NRT. Patches and lozenges. I did quit for 30 days over Xmas but for some silly reason I started again. But hey ho we can only try.. For me I sleep well but am getting some vivid strong. You will succeed 💪

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Grimlock1 in reply to Grimlock1

Try Quit support. As well I got a lot of replies on that page

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MG36 in reply to Grimlock1

Found it - thank you

Thanks Grimlock - is that all part of the health-unlocked forum?

Well done to you on day 10 - that is amazing. You be strong too - we're in this together and we will succeed!

Hello I read your story I have prayed God bless you & give you strength & He Will. Now every time you think about having a smoke start doing something to occupy your mind & hands, I crochet made a whole afgan kept my hands busy, chewed gum like it was going out of style, chewed on baby carrots & celery still gained weight but I did quit smoking & I did lose the weight it was well worth it.

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