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Stopping with champix


Hi all hope this helps. Ive smoked 30 a day for over forty years. I've quit twice properly with champix in the past several years. They do work and how they do this is by blocking nicotine receptors in your brain from getting nicotine hit. So no reward chemicals for smoking on them. What I've learnt in the past is that it's best quitting around day 13. The only withdraw you get from then on is psychological/habit. Always take with food otherwise terrible nausea. I did have very vivid dreams. Mostly nice one's. Had been off several months and never ever craved 1. My downfall was getting drunk and just having a cpl cigs with the beer.thinking ide be ok. Big mistake. worst thing I done as I unknowingly reactivated the nicotine receptors and was back smoking each time. So yes they should work for most people, certainly do for me. Just beware of ever having 1 cig thinking it will be ok because it won't all you do is reactivate them nicotine receptors and that's you back on tabs. Taken me 2 attempts to realise this so I don't plan even having a drink this time for a long time as its fatal having a few beers cos you think just 1 will be ok but it won't. All that happens is you reawaken the nicotine receptors and your back to square 1. Hope this helps others. You can do it if I can...

And also finish the course as that's most important thing shuts the nicotine receptors well done after 12 weeks.

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Welcome Mark2322 and thank you for sharing such an informative and encouraging post! (I merged your other post with this one for you)

How long are you stopped now? I am over 3 years cold turkey and never looked back!!

gggg1237 Years Smoke Free

Yeah I didn't drink for close to 3 years when I quit. I'd say it has to be the worst habit unlearning part of quiting. Still I did it, no excuses, no nothing ! You have to be very hard with yourself because if you don't you'll be weak and you'll start again which is something I will never ever do because I'm not weak !. I quit cold turkey too after 27 years of smoking.

Hope you manage to beat your demons this time. Good luck.

2217100 Days Smoke Free

Thanks for that good advice Mark as I’ve just finished my course of Champix and suppose I was one of the lucky ones like you with no bad reactions. I’m wondering if it’s normal to still be having cravings, obviously not all the time but when I do they are really strong. On day 96 with no nicotine so really hoped by now I might be feeling a little better.

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to 2217

Hey 2217 - when do these cravings occur? Is it during a particular situation or just out of the blue? For example, cravings (strong ones) can be triggered when you come across a situation for the first time smoke free or associated with smoking like a stressful curve ball, first holiday, first celebration etc....

Below pinned posts are worth a read if not already done so:

2217100 Days Smoke Free in reply to RoisinO1

Thank you for your helpful reply. I am really getting to know myself better through not smoking. I feel these cravings really are caused when I feel under pressure in a situation or too much is happening. Obviously, a cigarette made it all calm again or so I thought. It’s sad to think that I actually believed that.

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to 2217

I hear ya 2217, I too had the silly belief that smoking helped me to get through my daily life from getting up in the morning to going to bed at night, dealing with a stressful situation, out socializing etc... All in the past now, you have so much to look forward to smoke free especially with summer coming 🌅🏝🏜🏖

gggg1237 Years Smoke Free in reply to 2217

Actually it is not silly at all. Nicotine has a chemical in it called continine which is proven to aid anxiety and depression so it isn't silly, it is actually in there.

Be strong it's only a drug and you lived ok without it before you smoked.

You can not underestimate the power and habit forming of smoking, it really is strong.

Be it's enemy.....

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to gggg123

Being smoke free 3 and a half years now, I certainly know and being its enemy :)

Mummymonster100 Days Smoke Free

Hi Mark.

Thank you for this thoughtful post. I stopped with champix, and found it very helpful. I have had more cravings since I completed the course. I am obsessed with relapse stories at present, as I want to learn from other people’s experience. There do seem to be 3 main strands. Those, like you who thought they could just have one, especially if drink was taken. Those who came up against a stressor that they could not face without their familiar crutch. Then there are those who I think mourn so hard for their old friend that they would rather live a shorter life, beset by health problems than live without smoking.

I think I am vulnerable to all 3, and probably a load more as well. But knowledge is power!


RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Mummymonster

Keep fighting Mummymonster - I promise, it will get easier soon :)

lasttime3100 Days Smoke Free

How long did you quiet for?

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