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Day 14 champix day 2 smoke free

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mzkelz77100 Days Smoke Free
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So today is day 14 on champix....yesterday day 13 was my first complete no smoking day.... day 2 has been a little harder... I am over the nausea... I take first tab with bfast and second with dinner it helps.... only other side effect is im constantly sleeping or yawning.... I have zero motivation this past week ... I work 12 hr nights and back on weds after a week off so a little bit worried...

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Welcome mzkelz77 - congratulations on day 2 smoke free, well done!

The tiredness and lack of motivation are perfectly normal nicotine withdrawals, see below pinned post worth a read if not already done so:

Try not to think too far ahead and just take day by day, hour by hour if needs be.

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mzkelz77100 Days Smoke Free in reply to RoisinO1

Thanks ill check it out x

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RoisinO1Administrator in reply to mzkelz77

1 month smoke free now mzkelz77 - how are you getting on?

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Quit4Money1 Year Smoke Free

Yay another Champix gal.

Hi mzkelz; there's quite a few of us who quit around the same time as you. And also going through the yawns ... that weird mix of wanting loads of sleep, but not really getting enough. Like Roisin says, pretty much chalk it up to quitting and getting that nasty nicotine out of our system.

I can see why the 12 hour shifts worry you. I struggle with 8 hours. But something that's helped me is instead of the "smoke break" I walk around and chat more people up, just give myself some different scenery. And diet Pepsi or coffee in moderation helps me also. Good luck and let us know how you fare through the shifts.

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mzkelz77100 Days Smoke Free in reply to Quit4Money

Thanks for your reply.... I live on coffee but weirdly tastes odd now without my fag in other hand.... I won't miss my fag break it's getting cold now so standing outside at 3am isn't appealing.... most staff I work with are non smokers so that helps.... today i feel positive I can do this loooool.... I've been meal prepping to keep busy and of course napping ...

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2217100 Days Smoke Free in reply to mzkelz77

Lovely isn’t it not having to stand out in the rain and cold. Having coffee is a hard time for me too but I think everything is going to start tasting different. Just concentrate on a day at a time. You are doing great.

Exellent mzkelx7 And congrats for staying strong

Felling kind of slow is very normal when taking Chantix ..Remember our bodies were running on poison with nicotine ..and now your body is beginning to function at a normal pace. I took Chantix is very effective

you are doing faboulous your only motivation now must be continuing and staying quit .🎉👏👍🎈🌻

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100 days smoke free now mzkelz77 - how is things?

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