What's benefited you the most?

Hey everyone just a quick post allways good to hear what you all have to say, just a quick question for anyone that wants to answer what do you find that's been most beneficial to you since youve stopped smoking? We all know what an achievement it is to stop smoking and the key staying stopped! But what have you found to be the most rewarding thing to come out of it? Would love to hear hope all is well. 

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  • Just sooo many things.

    Better health, not smelling, better finances.

    How selfish was I, and I only realised this later, my sister had a very nasty accident, and it literally was life and death, she had a fall, lost quarter of her skull, and while she was in intensive care I kept popping out to smoke,  how terrible is that, I'm ashamed.

    But moving forward, nicer skin, better teeth, not rushing out doors for another smoke, but I guess, the one that keeps me going is we just don't need to smoke do we?

  • Hey nohassel, there has been so many benefits for me - short listed to below (sorry its long winded but definitely worth show casing):

    I can breathe again, smell again, taste again, enjoy nature and its beauty (smoking seriously spoiled that for me)

    Hair, skin and teeth (gums still a bit sore) look healthier 

    Can have a conversation without stopping to cough, can hold a song or two without getting out of breath 

    Nasty cough gone (not completely, but nearly there) 

    A lot more productive at work and concentration better with not having to go out for a smoke when I am stressed or under pressure 

    Can deal with stress alot more calmly 

    Gained new healthy eating and drinking habits 

    Energy up and down but when up could climb a mountain! 

    With the money I saved from not smoking, booked and paid for a 5 night break to Vienna for hubbys 40th

  • Thanks roisin! Plenty of reasons to stay stopped! Not many if any to go back to them, The evidence is right in front of me:) it was never so much about the price for me saying that  they do cost a bloody fortune though!!! But more about what's to gain mentally and physically from quitting and  becoming a stronger individual:)

  • Whiter teeth, better skin, more energy, cough gone, don't STINK...well, of cigarettes anyway :-)

    Saving ££££££££££££££££££££££££££££s

    Don't have to plan everything around smoking.

    No difference to smell and taste however, mine didn't change at all.

    Have you got one of the apps on your phone or PC, to track the changes in health?

  • What is the name of the app........

  • Hey Kat, there is a good few app on Quitza.com, great recovery progress one on it, simple one on Facebook called Quitometer

  • Great I'll check it out thanks

  • Never thought to look on Facebook 

  • I use Smoke Free but there are loads on google play and the iTunes Store. They show how your health improves and how much money you save. Worth getting one.

  • Checking this one as well thanks

  • Thanks nozmo, yeah it just seems like madness to go back to it when you see it like that, so many positives to come out of quitting, I am using a app at the moment which calculates your daily steps ect, gonna try and do as much exercise over the next while as I can without being daft  as it is a great way to reduce any urges to smoke and helps you get through another day. :)

  • No more migraine

  • To be honest I  don't feel any different at all - as in health wise.  I am not surprised by this because it was the same last time I quit, even after 3 months, I felt no different.   I think for me, the changes are more emotional.  For example,  I don't feel such a fraud as in going to the gym every day and then secretly smoking afterwards.  I hated that.  I am also less worried all the time.  It is like a big black cloud of anxiety about smoking has been lifted.  It is good not to have this awful secret smoking life that very few people knew about that was hidden from view. I feel less pressure now.  Less worrying about, can I smoke, what if I am unable to smoke, did I put that fag out properly or not and so on. 

  • Sound like my hubby Mushen, he noticed no change at all other than not wasting money and can now pay for 2012 car with an upgrade every year!

  • I thought I was the only one!  That is good to hear.   I hope you are OK.

  • I'm good thanks Mushen, just saying there, hubby will be over the op this time next week, was slagging him saying that won't fill out the census form (Sunday 24 April here in Ireland) until I know if he kicks the bucket, luckily he seen the funny side!!   

    Hope you are doing good?

  • Hahaha 😀  Yes thank you, am doing OK.  Not missing cigarettes at all really.  Am still using my e-cig but on Monday cut down the strength of the liquid from 12mg to 6mg.  Going to give it a week and cut in half again.   I don't really want to become dependent on it.  Cutting down using an E-cig seems nothing like the same as cutting down actual cigarettes.  Going to spend a week or so on 3mg and then get shot of the nicotine completely.  At least, that is the plan!

  • Thats a good plan!

  • That's awesome roisin  I want one of those haha ;) my car is due an upgrade :(

  • Like most of the others I think the most beneficial things are not worrying all the time about what you are doing to yourself; not having to cover up the fact that you are smoking; not having to go out all the time when it is cold or wet; not smelling; saving money etc etc

  • Regaining Life and make my own Happiness...

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