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Anybody have experience with water fasting for nicotine detox?

Hi, anybody have experience with water fasting to help with the quit process, maybe shorten or ease symptoms? I am thinking of doing a water fast for maybe 7 days (not a juice fast since the body does not reach ketosis - the breakdown of fat cells).

Here is may thinking; I know that nicotine gets stored in fat cells as other things when body has excess glucose... and released back into the bloodstream when lack of. Maybe this is the very reason it takes so long to feel better? Of-course not if you are constantly eating, like I have been since I quite..lol

On the other hand I have the feeling it might be a huge waste of effort due to the need for the re-wiring of the brain as most explain. Also might derail one from there quit since it is so hard to do.


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I drank a lot of water when I quit, and it is generally recommended that you do. Water is a natural detoxifier, it helps the body to heal all the damage smoking did, and it helps you to eat less by making us feel fuller.

But I did not fast, and don't think I could have :). It sounds like you have already read up on the biology of it, but I thought that nicotine is quickly metabolized and not stored in cells, and generally gone in 3 days. It, or a by-product, stays in our hair and nails for a long period. But I am not an expert.

I think 7 days would be very hard, but maybe you can try it for a day and see how it goes. Good luck.


CocoaXChange, thanks for the reply. I have done a bit of research on the topic and understand the 3 days is for any nicotine that is not stored as fat, meaning in the blood stream and when the body is not converting glucose as glycogen (Glycogen is the form in which the body stores excess glucose). Then released back into blood stream as form of energy when lacking , thus come the nicotine. Am not expert either so this just my understanding.

The science behind the water fast is to get to ketosis and past, which takes the body minimum 3 days, so doing it for one day would not help. Don't mean to get to fancy with it but that's what they say.

Anyway, I like Exsmo's reply below ״slow and steady wins the race", but am still going to try it. Hopefully I don't destroy my month quit which will be tomorrow.

Will update


Hey Hidden , how are you, have you started the water fasting yet?

Hi Roisin01, being as stubborn as I am I went through with the water fast! And without exaggerating I feel so much better. As I am writing this I am coming out of my water fast, so I completed a 4 day fast. My initial goal was 7-10 days but I did some research and listened to my body as recommended. I was starting to get headaches and it didn't feel right anymore. My plan from the beginning was to transition to a juice fast when done with the water fast and that's where am now.

It was not easy as I knew everything would get intensified and boy let me tell you it did. However I much prefer the "do something about it mentality " if possible rather the slow lingering progression, which in my case seems to be my down fall. So I am not all done, meaning I can still feel the withdrawals but with certainty the angre levels as subsided. How I know this is, I no longer use food to control my anger levels. Before and this is a month, once I would get those rage feeling sometimes in my stomach or other times in my throat the only things would help was water(not always) and more so food (only way I would calm down). Now I am more stable, simple as that.

Oh and the best part before I forget, I was so hungry smoking did not cross my mind!! no joke

I would recommend, but one has to get familiar with water fasting , have the will power, create the comfortable environment (no work, friends, any trigger points etc.). It's not all-in one fix but it works!!!

Thanks for the follow up, very nice.

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Glad it went well for you Hidden and that you listened to your body after 4 days. It is interesting to read our members experiences and what they can do to make their smoke free easier for them and we appreciate you sharing it but this is something that HealthUnlocked would not promote or encourage due vulnerable members that may have adverse reactions from doing water fasting and from hearing it here could potentially have serious consequence for the HU platform. (See your reply below, healthunlocked.com/nosmokin... )

Hi Roisin01, I understood this website to be a "free" plateform, where people come to SHARE WITHOUT RESTRICTIONS, meaning if there is a post with some profanity words, that is ok, or if someone has some advice that my be somewhat unconventional that should NOT be a problems. That is the only reason why I've continued to be here, for the short duration of about two weeks. Within that time frame you have cautioned me twice already, people are dealing with addiction and should be able to curse in their posts if so they please. I am not sure how much I appreciate or how much more appetite I have for guidelines. I don't care for the bureaucracy nor do I care to find out whether it's branding business $$$ motive. I care to get better and try to maybe help those around me with this struggling. If that is not what "HealthUnlocked" culture is about then I will gladly leave!

Also in my posts you can clearly see where I cautioned people about doing their research.

Hi Hidden - thank you for your feedback and apologies if you are offended and defensive, that was not my intention.

Our community is one of many different ones here on the HealthUnlocked platform. I/we(long term member) have built a close, intimate community with a positive and supportive atmosphere with a few posting guidelines, cursing being one of them as some members may find it offensive.

With regards promoting or encouraging unconventional ideas, this is a generic posting guideline across all communities along with naming products, medicines etc...

I am our Community Administrator and like everyone else volunteered to take on this role and take time out our lives to help others to achieve their smoke free journey without conflict, offensive or personal abuse. We are not medical professionals and are just sharing our experiences and struggles....

I appreciate you did warn to do research on it before doing it but there are some very vulnerable members that may not do that... (we have members here that have eating disorders and could have drastic consequences if they done this).

If you are "not sure how much I appreciate or how much more appetite I have for guidelines" then perhaps this community is not for you.

the community is fine, you are the problem and for this reason I will leave

Hidden what a nasty reply.... don't agree with your unconventional ideas either and felt quite uncomfortable with reading it especially for vulnerable people here....


Exactly Jared01

How ridiculous Hidden - Roisin goes out of her way to help, support and encourage each and every one of us including yourself, try going back to read her replies to you, offering advice, don't think it is nice for bad language in this particular environment...wouldn't call it a caution to you, but rather kindly asked in both instances....really not sure why you are so defensive - pot, black, kettle..........


Well said Phobicmaniac

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We also have members that may have undiagnosed medical conditions. I have googled water fasting & it can kill!! People may do research but to me this needs to be cleared by a doctor. I read this is gruelling & causes emotional distress so that alone would have me running to buy a pack of smokes. I am all for freedom of speech etc but most members from what I can tell are happy to use the safer options of easing withdrawals like NRT or promoting drinking water, exercise & herbal supplements. Just little ol' me's opinion.

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No I never heard about it .

!And maybe That-s -it you did the research .But I could never be without eating because I usually get headaches fasting makes me feel down and a little depressed .

But I also believe we are all different . And we all find our best way to quit .

I used Chantix and it worked excellent for me ..best of luck 👍

As one who has done extreme diets in the past i would be afraid it could put your quit in danger and am not sure it would help you detox faster. Those slow body processess down bc it thinks its starving. Seems exercise would be a more practical detox by speeding up metabolism while not adding to your stress. Of course drink lots of water. This is just my opinion, but i always regretted the more severe type diets for one reason or another. Keep 'hearing' the old saying, ״slow and steady wins the race".

Believe me we AlL wanted to rush through the bad parts so i totally understand. Every day away you are closer to the better ones. You're doing fine even if it doesnt feel like it yet. Keep up the great work.

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Exsmo, you have given me to great sound replies; for this post and my other "gauging angre". Thank you

However, I am the type who seem to lose panic with prolonged lingering discomfort. I rather go in to the dentist and have that root canal done and over with. Although am perfectly clear that this is not the holy grail and I will be feel great after.

Hey Hidden - the physical withdrawal from nicotine lasts 3 days, if going cold turkey, by the end of day 3, nicotine is gone from your bloodstream/system and then the mental battle begins as your brain and body rewires, repairs and recovers which is a very slow gradual process but the good news is, it amazingly does recover.

Water is vital in the early stage of our stopping journey to keep hydrated and get the blood sugar levels stable and really was / is my savior, ice cold water with sliced fruit and herbs (lemon, lime, cucumber and mint my favourite :P ) is very refreshing and does work wonders for cravings.

Fasting with just a water diet, along with stopping smoking (and drinking in your case) would be torture in my opinion - any weight gain and healthy eating can be addressed at a later stage when you are stronger in your journey - for now, try to get out in the fresh air for a bit of a walk every day to clear the head....

And remember.....stopping smoking will be the best achievement of your life and likely to be the hardest but I promise, it does get easier as each day passes and the stronger you become, embrace it and attack, you can do it....take one day at a time. You are 1 month smoke free tomorrow which is great, time will pass by much quicker now....

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Hi Roisin01, I like what you wrote. We'll see what happens...

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