1002 hours

Yes i have finally hit the 1000 hour mark and also 625 cigarettes not smoked.

People out there struggling with their quit please please please just keep going, it gets easier easier  with every day that passes............

i now imagine laying down those 625 cigarettes on my coffee table in front of me and thinking WOW that is a huge amount of ciggies, and then it enlightens me to think that i have saved my body from inhaling all of those nasty toxins that go with them.  

My body and health feel so much better and my quit is only around the 6 week mark and yes i did it cold turkey, no matter how you achieve your quit please please just stick at it as there are only positives to gain quitting. No pain no gain is the moto but after the first week the pain is NOTHING in comparison with how you will feel if you smoke for the rest of your life. GOOD LUCK and lets soldier on together.    

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  • Woohoo Nikon!   Great encouraging post and great stats!  Well done and keep it up :)

  • So enjoyed this post, with all the happiness in achieving your goal, truly wonderful to indeed realise, just how far you have come, for me at least,  it's a revaluation when a fantastic post appears, with all the enthusiasm, and positivity you have given, in turn this will encourage others to just give quitting a try.

    All that's left for me to add, is brilliant and a huge well done.

  • Well done Nikon. You should be feeling very proud of yourself. Keep going :-) 

  • hi Nikon

    I don't think we met.but welcome to our little family.

    I am on 14 weeks.3 days

    saved £563

    not smoked 1326 fags.

    I'm only saying this because I didn't think id got 3 months.but I found a stopping smoking clock which tracks your progress.id forgot I had it.

    you will get to know I have a good few "moments" and most people hear call me dizzy. Ha ha

    you will see Rosieb10  Nozmo Tracey3 will tell you.i was dizzy Lizzy on old forum.now thin Lizzy

    sorry I'm rattling aren't I

    you take care 😊

    keep kicking 😎

  • Roisin.can you only highlight one name.

    or have I had a dizzy moment😞

  • You can highlight more than one name but need to ensure you click the name when you put in the @, e.g. Thinlizzy54 , Nikon, Nozmo , and so on....

  • :) think Nozmo is going to be what the hell is going on!!

  • he will just say its dizzy.😆

    blame me ha

  • What the hell is going on? :-)

    Been out all night so just got in an seen all of my notifications!

    Only joking, it's fine, all in the name of experimentation.

  • Jeez, I'm lost with all this hilighting @ signs, 

    Thank the Lord hopefully have other talents,  as me and my tablet, do struggle at times, especially when my grandson ( he's four) does something, have to wait, what indeed seems an age for my hubby, to get in from work, to resolve harmony, with me and my tablet.  Only just learnt to copy and paste 

  • Well done Nikon, lovely inspiring post. It's astounding how the number of cigs stacks up isn't it? You don't think of it like that when you're smoking, just in terms of a pack a day or whatever. The big numbers certainly hit it home.

  • I like your post it certainly makes you think. I haven't smoked over 1500 cigs frightening thought and your so right not as frightening as smoking for the rest of your life. Well done

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