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No Smoking Day
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Dont want to be a debbie downer but am posting a possible consequence in hopes it will stop someone elses want to cave crave.

Tomorrow morning i get to go have a biopsy to check for cancer or another health issue causing nodules.

I smoked 35 years.

In my 20s i Was going to quit...later. Quit & caved, usually in first week, oh well id try again soon... or later i had lots of time...even with asthma. No big deal.

O what a goose i was!

Now i get to dread these kind of tests, i Was so smart!

Am so very glad i quit, even if they find something bad now. Withdrawls felt bad. Emotions felt bad. You hear? Felt. They felt bad, they were/are NOT bad. They are healing.

What a wonderful consequence of quitting. Physical & emotional Healing!!

For any who pray please remember me tomorrow EST 10:00am that dr will see fit to biopsy both sides instead of splitting it up into 2 appointments. This will be my 7th. (Seems they are milking the system by having so many appontments to get to one hopefully final test! A fine needle biopsy sounds a bit freaky & id just as soon be done with it. )

Thanks for any who do.

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Positive thoughts & hugs

I,m enjoying the saying Debbie downer ( its new to me) I quite like it, and for to day at least will try and use it some where in my daily conversations, just to prompt me to send happy thoughts your way. I do wonder if there are any Debbie downers in the appointments room, have a look and let us all know.!!!

I can’t change what’s in front of you, , but can and will pray all will be well for you. And results are quick.

Doing fantastic.


Hey, sending you lots of positive vibes for tomorrow xx

Will be there in spirit with you. With a virtual hug. Do let us know how it goes.


Best wishes again Exsmo and hope you are now over the 'final' test and you get the all clear result pretty quickly 💓🌻🌼🌻

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So sorry exsmo. I’ll be praying for God to step n and guide the drs and for a divine healing and no cancer in Jesus name amen 🙏🏻.

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Yes !!! I’ve seen divine ( miraculous) healings. God does heal. A recent example is myself. I asked God to take my cigarettes and deliver me from them because I can’t on my own. I’ve tried many times and failed. I gave them to him and I’ve been smoke free almost 60 days now with NO NICOTINE!!! And other day I asked him to take the extreme anger and agitation I was having and praise God it’s like night n day for the better. I have faith in God and he’s Never let me down.

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