No Smoking Day

18 weeks smoke free!!!!

Well I haven't written on here for a while and it suddenly dawned on me that I've been smoke free for 18 weeks today!!! I can't believe it!! I don't miss smoking at all and have probably turned into the worst ex smoker 😂😂😂 I can't stand the smell 😷😷 I smoked for 16 years so never thought I could stop but I have and it's the best decision I've ever made!

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Great to hear from you Kacoates34 - congrats on 18 weeks, I too absolutely detest the smell of smoking too, think it gets worse the longer I am smoke free - over 2 years now!

Keep up the good work and in touch when you can...


I'm the same - can't abide the smell these days. Congratulations Kacoates34 , when you start forgetting about it is when you know it's all going well.


Congrats congrats and congrats! I am right there with you, the smell is god awful. Addiction did some crazy things to us. Have you done anything to reward yourself?

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It's crazy to think we used to like smoking!! I can't believe I used to willing inhale that crap!

Congrats to you too by the way!

Well i put on a stone lol, so I've joined slimming world for the 50th time and almost lost that - if I can stop eating mince pies it would be easier 😂😂😂 how about you?


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