3 weeks smoke free

Yesterday was my third week of being smoke free & im feeling fine. Some little cravings in the morning & an itchy feeling but it soon passes. I'm currently on holiday in The Canaries & having a nice restful time with no temptations or massive urges & that's how I want to keep it. I often look st this forum & its very helpful. Feeling positive 😊

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  • Wait a minute. Think I'm going mad. Lol. I'm counting my start date of Champix. Now I'm confused if I'm 2 weeks or 3 weeks smoke free. It seems so long & now I can't edit my post!!!! Grrrr

  • Hey Sparkle11 - your quit date was 14 July so 2 weeks yesterday! (your next miestone badge will be at the 1 month!!) Huge well done and wow, give yourself a huge pat on the back - holidays is a massive curve ball for many here, keep up the great work :)

  • Thanks Roisin for keeping track. Lol. It's bizzarre but it feels like I haven't smoked in months. Much more than just 2 weeks. Thanks for the encouragement 😊

  • The first month is the slowest Sparkle11 - once you get that over you time passes by much quicker :)

  • Well done Sparkle11

    Keep going!

    Have a fab holiday! 😎😎

  • Thank youuuu 😊☀️☀️

  • Huge well done, enjoy you hols!!!!

  • Thanks very much 😊☀️☀️

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