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Five weeks smoke free!

Louiseb172 Years Smoke Free

I've made it to five weeks!! :-) so proud of myself

So my question is has anyone had the quitters flu? I noticed on Saturday my throats was really sore, and felt ill so spent Sunday in bed (a chill out day was needed!) didn't feel too bad today, feel like I'm getting a cold and my skin is full of spots :-(

I'm hoping this is just the toxins leaving.. has anyone else experienced this at 5 weeks?

Don't want to put any new quitters off by this post!! Quitting using patches was the best decision I've ever made :-)

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Tracey31 Year Smoke Free

It's so horrid, when feeling a litttle unwell, this could be because you've quit. But then again could not be related atall.

5 weeks is fantastic, proud you should be, isn't it wonderful to be smoke free

Really pleased for you, hoping you feel better soon

Take care

Louiseb172 Years Smoke Free in reply to Tracey3

Thanks, I'm taking it easy today and hope it passes soon!

HercuValued Contributor

Louise... You are a star and reason to be proud of yourself...Yup.. Normal.. I described it as the demon's wrath...I know the Symptoms of Malaria and this quitters flu is almost similar..

For me it felt as if I have lost a battle against a train...Strongs and luckily it also goes away..!

Louiseb172 Years Smoke Free in reply to Hercu

Haha malaria! Well I'm not feeling too bad today, tired and I'm coughing a lot so taking a day of college and just resting (i.e. Doing housework) so I hope it passes soon



Congratulations Louiseb17 and so proud you should be!

With regards quitters flu, this is perfectly normal to experience but also can happen to non smokers too - as time of year for bugs and colds. We tend to blame everything on quitting and very conscious of any little aliment we experience as we want to feel good immediately, but it is a gradual process as the body heals. I got a really bad cough and had the tar too which I took as good sign that my body was clearing when I quit back 18 months ago.

You will start to feel better soon. Keep up the great work :)

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