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No Smoking Day
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Day 5 and craving

I have smoked on and off since I was 15 years old but steadily for the last 15 years. My husband, also a smoker, and I decided last week. That was it. Last cigarette. Cold turkey. Today is day 5 and I have had cravings the other days but not like today. Possibly due to they say after day 3 the nicotine from your last cigarette is out of your system. As there is none left, maybe that is the reason that I really want to go buy a pack and have a cigarette. I keep mentally telling myself that is not an option and that this time I am quitting for good. This mental conversation does not stop the craving though and the I feel like I am crawling out of my skin feeling though. Knowing that we have several events coming up that we will be attending where the majority of the guests smoke, is not helping the level of anxiety either. I am finding it hard to concentrate. I thought maybe venting and getting it out might help. I will not let the craving and addiction win and get the better of me.

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Huge welcome to our community BrteEyes01 and congratulations on 5 days smoke free, nearly at your huge first milestone of 1 week. I too stopped cold turkey over 2 years ago and here to tell the tale - it was a bumpy road at times but with focus and being ready to attack at all times got me through it - you appear to be in a great mindset and it is good to have your husband going through the same journey (remember this is your own individual stop and you need do this for yourself and not let anything get in the way of you achieving being smoke free).

I joined here and posted on Day 8 as was pulling my hair out so what you are experiencing and feeling at the moment is perfectly normal. This community was a great help to me and don't think I would be smoke free today without the support, help and advice, along with the knowledge I read up elsewhere. Stay close to us and post anytime :)

Below is a link to some helpful pinned posts worth a read if not already done so:



Welcome! It's such a good distraction to vent here and read and remind yourself it's not just you- everyone gets those nasty cravings where you want to justify even just one but nope- it's a trap. Congrats on 5 days!


Girl Trap is the perfect word. Been there too many times. One is too many & a thousand is never enough. Being on here and staying close as Roison says is so true too.

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Hello. You are doing amazing. The first week is the worst I would say. I took lavendar kalms to take the edge off the anxiety and the ants in your pants feelings where you dont seem to know what to do with yourself.

Thats gone now but the sadness mood has kicked in. So I started taking St johns warts yesterday.

Hang in there as it does get easier I promise


St Johns wort working? I may finally be coming out of it not sure but if not may try those. So many good tips on here!!! Brite eyes this site really has been a best help and fighter through cravings. You CAN DO this! We believe in you.

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How is today BrteEyes01 ?


All the best ..I’m just over 3 months ..smoked for a good 30yrs ..getting pneumonia put a stop to me smoking .. without being too graphic , what was coming out my lungs whilst on antibiotics was not good ..and the pain was even worse !

That made it easier to just stop ..

Getting the 3 month craving creeping up last couple of days which I couldn’t believe, as was going about life like I’ve never smoked ! Putting a few pounds on but hey ho ..

So it will creep up on you ..please stay positive like I am it will pass 👍😎


A best tip i got was out sense of time is a bit warped so cravings seem to be lasting forever. In reality they are only 3-5 minites. It helped me to literally watch a clock those first days... AND get on here. Congratulations on 5days!

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