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Day 21 Smoke Free On Champix

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Lexree1 Week Smoke Free

It's a rainy day today not feeling that good at the moment. I fell on black ice on the weekend & have a sore elbow and hip😈so much for running this week or exercising. I really don't know what to do with myself in times like this I would just have a cigarette 🚬 the cravings are still the especially if I get upset or excited about something or something is out of my control!! I'm still learning how to cope and its hard a times during my regular routine days. But every day counts, I'll have good days and then bad days I know this shall pass....

So when I'm craving a cigarette I go brush my teeth I think I brush my teeth about 4 times a day LOL I always hated having smoke stains on my teeth and smelling like smoke and my yellow finger. So when I'm having a hard day I try to focus on self care I am whitening my teeth today so I'm pretty happy about that.

I find I used to have a lot more energy and no always be a certain part of the day where I get really tired. I I know it has something to do with the Champix❗ I am very thankful for this product and I do believe it works and is working. I have had a few side effects throughout this time that I have had to fight through on a daily basis but I promised myself that I would go the whole 3 months and I'm so glad I did two more weeks ago and I will have completed 3 months of Champix I can't wait!!!!

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Good to hear from you Lexree and well done on 21 days smoke free! Sorry to read about your fall (have a fear of walking on ice from a bad fall on it when I was a child and cut open the back of my head :O )

You have a great mindset and are well on your way in your smoke free journey but just beware of the blahs and icky 3's - pinned post link below worth a read if not already done so....

Be kind to yourself, lots of pampering, relaxation and breathing techniques and my savior was ice cold water with sliced fruit and herbs (lemon, mint and cucumber was my favourite) to beat the cravings....

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Lexree1 Week Smoke Free in reply to RoisinO1

Great read!!!

Thank you...:)

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Exsmo in reply to RoisinO1

This REALLY WORKS! So right about the cold too.

I was the same, but had quit 1st or 2nd week on champix.

Am not sure if the med or just the stage of quit but at 1month quit i was very tired. I was told it's all the healing going on, but wondered if it were the champix. I did lower the dose to stay on it the full 3months too.

The main thing that helped me stay wuit at this point was

1) i never wanted to go thru first days again &

2) the dispair i heard in other's voices when they had "just one" and it didnt help their situation one bit. It only hurt them & tasted nasty. Then in just one puff they had set off the WANT receptors in their brains. Then

3) Like that feeling if the days passed not smoking... The accomplishment of __days achieved and not wanting to lose one second of that progress after 35 years of 'knowing' i could never quit... Gone!

Now i know i could never do this again so am protecting this quit like a newborn against a world full of monsters lol.

This was my thought process when going iff chantix. I armed myself w cold water available at ALL times. A cut drinking straw if i felt i HAD to smoke i would pretend with it and got supplement and vitamins Hercu recommended. They do make a significant difference!

Keep us posted and i hope this helps somehow.

Yo will succeed stay strong ..very soon you will forget about smoking and live a great life filled with oxigen and smelling great !!

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HercuValued Contributor

Lexree..You made it through... With all that posiveness it can't be different....That is why we love to call this quit journey a roller coaster ride..all the ups and downs...but somewhere along the line it is downhill all the way....wonderfull...!

Yes Champix is a wonderfull aid...Hard on the user but helpfull..!

I don't know if it was only me but the day I stopped taking Champix after 12 weeks it felt like I was thrown to the ground, Jumped on, Kicked and left to die...Luckily I didn't and from there I went from Zero to infinaty...!

Strongs and keep on enjoying yor journey..!!

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Exsmo in reply to Hercu

Had i not weaned off chantix i may have felt same.

I cut evening tab half 1wk then took 1/2 tab 2x week2

Week3 1/2 tab in morning only then 1/2 tab every other day. Was going to do wvery 3rd day but forgot one day and just quit.

Did not always do full week before adjusting.

Since they had us increase doses at first seemed i needed that on way off them.

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Lexree1 Week Smoke Free in reply to Exsmo

Question did you complete all three months?

And if so how did you feel when you were off them any different than when you were on them???

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Exsmo in reply to Lexree

Yes but not at full dose. I think i forced myself to do 2months then started weaning for 3rd month. At each reduction i felt mildly different for a day or 3 at most. Then i listened to what my body was telling me before reducing more. It wasnt bad weaning. People who just quit them (after not many side edfects) seemed to have problems. I had side effects when on it so was happy but nervous to be gping off. Weaning made it pretty easy to go off after staying the course of 3 months.

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HercuValued Contributor in reply to Lexree

Sorry for late reply Lexree...Yes I completed three months and exept for that Major bump day 1 and 2 after completion it just went from strenght to strenght...!

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Lexree1 Week Smoke Free in reply to Hercu

Amazing loved hearing your story☺

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