Day 5 and doing good

Hope I'm not boring you all with my "daily blog". It really helps me. By writing my thoughts and feelings, it really helps me to confront and deal with my quit.

Today went pretty good, despite a tough time at work. I have a pretty stressful job which isn't too good post heart attack and early in the quit 😂. Anyway, I managed to keep calm and smile 😎, which was easier said than done at times.

Cravings caught me out a bit today. They didn't happen so often, but they came at different times to normal and were very intense. Nasty Nick was trying his "just one", and "you can't keep this up forever" tactics, but I'm onto his sneaky plans and I'm winning. He knows it too!

I'm kind of treating my quit like having flu. You feel crappy, but there is no point in getting angry about it. You know that in time you will get better.

I also know that smoking is not a medicine that will make me feel better either

Off for a walk now, post dinner anti craving tactic

Keep strong and smoke free!


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  • I for one so enjoy your daily jotters, doing really well, moving into your first week, is regarded as a little celebration me thinks, and just maybe a treat is in order.

    With your strong approach to your quit, i,m hoping it gets easier and easier for you.

    But no worries if you have a wobble or two, this being the most amazing forum, I'm sure, some one around to help.

    Looking forward to your updates

  • Thank you Tracey3 !

  • Post away Andy, these daily blogs are very important in our quits and it will soon be your weekly blog, monthly blog and then finally your milestone blogs.

    By posting you are indeed helping yourself and by sharing your journey you are helping others to be inspired to quit or helping someone struggling in their quit.

    That is a great attitude with comparing quitting to a flu, but it will be the longest flu you ever have as it will be only gradually improve to just a little sniffle :)

    Keep up the great work and I look to your Day 6 blog!

  • Thanks for you support RoisinO1 !

  • One day at a time your doing great I felt like a had the flu for 2 months gets better

  • Thx Lucy1255....yup, the longest flu ever. But worth the pain!

  • It isn't boring at all! I love to read about how people are getting on, and you always give a great update. Don't worry about posting too much; it's good to hear that people are still going strong.

    I've just got home after plying Mrs Nozmo (who also has a very stressful job) with curry and gin, otherwise would have posted earlier.

    Keep it going Andrewquits, you're doing very well.

  • Day 5 already?! Wow doesn't time fly when your having fun! Good going Andy keep it up and keep posting if it helps -that's kinda the point and allows us to support you.

  • Andrew, I was out yesterday and last night otherwise would have posted sooner. Definitely not boring me with the blog - keep posting! It helps everyone

  • It helps me as well to read thanks Andrew

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