Day 15 on Champix

Hi all..I've just entered day 15 on Champix.I had my last cigarette on day 13..I've tried the patches and e cigarettes before but to no ava but I don't think I gave them a proper try either cause I don't think I was ready to quit and maybe my will power isn't that great. I find these excellent service far and have no craving but I still think about cigarettes even though the taste puts me off this normal? I've enjoyed reading the reviews on here and they have really given me great encouragement to keep going.I would really appreciate any advice

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  • Welcome badgio and congratulations on Day 2 of the best journey of your life - I quit cold turkey almost 2 years ago but from the many members here that used champix to successful quit (reached over a year and still going strong), posted that it is not a magic pill when you put out your last cigarette but that it takes the edge of the cravings.

    No matter what way we quit, we still have to fight the mental battle which will be in full force from tomorrow (takes 3 days for the nicotine to leave our system) as your body and mind begins to repair, recover and re-wire so the feeling of wanting a cigarette is perfectly normal - just take it hour by hour and day by day and the stronger you will become, I promise!

    Below is a pinned post of helpful links if not already read, continue to get as knowledge as you can, stay close to us, post if you need to about anything, we are here to help :)

  • Thanks for the advice,Really appreciate it

  • Welcome badgio - I quit cold turkey also but as Roisin said, these feelings when we quit initially are perfectly normal and will pass, read up as much as you can and keep in contact here as the help, support and encouragement is invaluable :)

  • I don't have experience with Champix I quit using an ecig for a while, and although I had few real cravings I did at times feel I wanted to smoke, these feelings diminish with time as long as you stay strong. we all have had good and bad days but it's well worth the journey. So keep going and post on here if the going gets tough, we've all been through it so we understand how it feels.

  • As Roisin says much of the battle is mental. I used ecig, not Champix, but I think that is true regardless of the tools you use. In the beginning it really is hour by hour, but slowly it gets better. You may not notice it right away, but the craves turn to thoughts, which turn to memories. One day you wonder why you ever smoked.

    Best of luck.

  • Congrats, Badigo! You're on your way and everybody needs a starting point!

    I'm now almost 6 weeks smoke-free and, full disclosure, still craving a cigarette! However, still on Champix and have resisted thus far :) I'm sure the temptation will leave at some point and i hope that once i finish these God awful (but truly incredible) tablets, i'll be able to return to a more normal life without the need for smokes!

    Keep focused, remember why you're going through this and that in itself should hopefully be enough to keep you on the right track :)

  • Excellent reply SteveBangkok - good to read you are continuing to go strong in your quit :)

  • Thanks for taking time to reply,appreciate the advice

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