Is it normal?

Today is my three-week mark... I feel great and I am very proud of myself. I thought after this long I would be over my cravings. I don't get irritated anymore, or mad or sad for no reason, which is great. Still, a few times a day I just wanna go to the store and buy a pack of smokes. Even though I know I would have a few drags of one and would hate it. I still think about it every day. I don't know if its just because it's crunch time at university right now or what.. but I know it's just in my head, but I don't really have anyone to talk to about it. My boyfriend quit about a week after me so he is at two weeks. I don't feel like I can talk to him about it because he is using Champix and I quit cold turkey so he isn't having these cravings anymore... or so he says. But it definitely makes me feel weak, and alone in this feeling.

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  • Don't feel alone, I'm at a month and half and I still get days ( like tonight) where I really crave one. Just got to remember why you quit in the first place :)

  • Good to hear from you thorpey11 and still going strong, well done :)

  • i am on champix too ..and yes i ave cravings but not very bad ones ....

  • Thats horrible when you think your all comfy in your quit and then bam wants hit. I call them wants not craves lol. Its like life we have good days and bad. Quittings the same and it sucks, I suppose we have to ride over the hump and learn from it and know that wants will become far and few.

  • Hey Jazmynwinter - good to hear from you and well done on 3 weeks smoke free, that is great :)

    Have a read of your first post again as some helpful replies and advice

    The 3 week mark is a common complaint of the cravings catching up on you again, and is known as 'The Icky Threes'

    I also posted this a few weeks ago which I still experience over 2 years on,.

    Try not to think ahead and just take it 1 day at a time (I know its easier said than done and I was a terror and wished my life away for the first month :O ). Time goes by much quicker and gets easier once the first month is over, I promise!

  • How are you feeling now Jazmynwinter ?

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