Holiday cravings again

Holiday cravings again

Spending a few days in London and it's great.


Getting bad cravings again.

Every time I emerge from the tube station at Russell Square (next to our hotel) I pass a shop advertising "newspapers, wine and tobacco", and every time I think about smoking. I think this shop must be owned by some relation of the bloke who owns Tracey's corner shop because it seems to have similar drawing power.

I'm not going to do it, just needed to let somebody know that it's hurting a bit. I've got one day to go and then it's back to Normal Land, where I don't smoke anymore.

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  • Just hang in there. Don't cave in now and if at all possible, avoid the damn shop! And, let us not forget, you don't smoke in 'normal land' or in London either! You can get over this. I realise just how difficult it must be, but this will pass.

    You are a non-smoker and have been for 6 months.

  • Thanks mushen, appreciate it.

    I won't cave in, off to bed soon as I'm a lightweight, just finishing off this pint in the hotel bar.

    Just have to speak my thoughts every now and then...and remind myself that I'm not immune.

  • Goodnight. Tomorrow is a new day and you will get through it. πŸ™„

  • Good for you for posting Nozmo, thats the trick!

    I will be doing my pre-prep holiday post before I head to Vienna. I am preparing for that holiday hot air smell, outdoor restaurants, aroma of lovely food, along with people smoking, airport waiting on a taxi and lingering smell of smoke, luckily hubby is able to give me the warnings to look out for.... you are doing great!

  • Great planning there Roisin. You'll be ok, I feel it in my bones.

    The family has gone to bed ( lot of walking today and everybody is knackered).

    It did cross my mind that I could pop around to Tracey's shop owner's brother's shop, buy a pack, smoke some, and nobody would ever know...but I didn't...and it wouldn't be right...

  • :D right after the holiday period we have to sort out 'The Corner Shop' once and for all, need Hercu , FordyP , Telboy61 (he has the muscle), our newest male recruits Delboy20, chutneys all on board!!

    PS for newbies, the corner shop is our Tracey3 's demise,

  • You know better Nozmo, remember those first days again.... Nah! Never ever again! be good dude!

  • Well that settles it. If mmaya is getting involved there's no way I'm having a tab....don't want to mess with her! πŸ˜€

    Good to hear from you Maya, hope you had a good break?

  • Lol good man πŸ˜€ I found it extra hard on hols with the usual boredom of nothing to do...I had to break the habits a little bit. Some of the days the cravings were pretty bad.

    ...I'll be nagging your head off if you give in so behave now lol

  • It's not a craving, it's a memory. You remember that you enjoyed it, that being away was fun and great and smoking was part of that. If you had one now though it would taste vile and your head would swim and you'd feel rather sick.

    Enjoy your trip. Make new 'smoke free' free memories. Soon they will outweigh smoking ones.

  • You give good advice Levs, you understand it well.


  • Goodnight everyone, thanks for putting me in a different frame of mind, much appreciated

  • hi Nozmo

    you are a rock.your done it πŸ˜†

    you have won this πŸ˜†

    enjoy'll be back home soon enough.

    ignore that corner shop .

    take care 😊

    keep kicking 😎

  • Well done for making it through and posting for inspiration. Top man Nozmo :)

  • Strength Nozmo !! Enjoy your last day:)

  • Nozmo... Want to agree with Levs.. It is not a craving but a "Memory"...what did you usually do exciting the tube...You have lit up...! I experienced cravings as that mouth watering, black board scratching urge to smoke but memory's as that reaching for my cigarettes in the top pocket of my shirt...

    I had that memory a week ago after moving my irrigation pumps further down to reach water.. The habit I had before my quit when working in the pump stations and finished a physical job was to sit down, looked over the water and had a cigarette... That memory is so etched in my brain that even after almost 14 months it is still there.. !!

    Stay strong and enjoy London..!!

  • Hoping a great time was had by all, to resist those strong urges, is for me ( and many others) the difference between relapse or success.

    Doing great

  • Thanks everybody, just seen the extra words of support from last night.

    Feeling less "cravingsome" this morning....just made that word up.

    Busy day ahead!

  • Busy is good, boredom is a killer πŸ˜€ I end up playing a Looooooot of snooker / pool when I was on hols just to break the normal summer hols routine, those barbecues were really starting to get to me, so I just did something different... I haven't played snooker since before the kids were born!

    Enjoy your day! Here's a big squishy hug for you for whenever you have second thoughts: " I'm watching you" ahahah - I'm so creepy lol

  • You're right, didn't stop yesterday and think I was too knackered to smoke by the time I got back to the hotel.

    Back home now and wishing we had stayed for an extra day - really loved it.

    I would never have put you down as a snooker player Maya. Are you any good? I'm rubbish at it. I used to play against my brother in law, who almost turned professional in his youth. Our games usually followed this pattern:

    He breaks, I miss a red, he gets a break of around fifty, I miss a red, he gets another break of 40, I pot a red then miss a colour, he clears up. It was always a humiliating whitewash!

  • I'm very good, pretty good huuum I must say ( hahaha).... My partner is absolutely brilliant at its it's pretty frustrating to play with him because I lose every single game!... I do win to everyone else...

    My 2 kids now are becoming masters on the subject, I was very proud to see my 9 years old winning to daddy with a certain element of cheating on the way...but he won...very proud of him hihihi! πŸ˜€

    My partner could have made a career of it if he didn't lack so much vision, he is really brilliant.... I'm jus ok.

    I'm happy you didn't smoke Nozmo! I'm back work. Only one week back and stress levels already up to tge roof! That place is going to have me killed before I know it! Xxx

  • Ah, sorry it's getting to you again already. Hang on in there Maya.

    I love the idea of your family snooker tournament...very unusual having all of you being good at the game.

  • Yes Nozmo, I believe I actually work in hell!

    Anyways... Each of us has a different talent lol you forgot my special talent for sarcasm lol

    Ill write again in proper English this time. My partner is a very good player, I'm a reasonable player, my son is a 9 years old cheater and my daughter is a 12 years old drama queen know it all, it kept me busy and away from the fags, certainly had a few good laughs πŸ˜€

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