Day 11 update

Today I've been having some mild to moderate cravings.

They seem to invade my brain and it's difficult to get them out.

I think "why not just go back to smoking".

One trigger was watching a Mike Oldfield music video, because Oldfield is a committed smoker. But he probably isn't as happy as he could be, if he quit smoking. But still it's hard because I look up to him as a hero.

All in all, today wasn't too hard, but I need it to get easier every day I think.

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  • Hello.

    Good to read an update from you.

    I think it is getting easier for you, perhaps you are just not fully noticing it. There are always going to be triggers that pop up, normally when you least expect it. I still get them.

    Just keep plodding along. Yes, you could go back to smoking but unless you are prepared to smoke until you die or it kills you (whichever happens first), then you are going to have to quit again. In other words, you will have to start again and do the whole quitting process all over again, from the start. I made this mistake and relapsed 3 times. The last time it took me 3 months just to gather the energy to try again. Quitting is hard enough the first time and doing it 3 times is bloody hard work.

    You have come quite a long way. You made it through Easter weekend and the Bank Holiday. You've got through today which wasn't too hard. This is good, really good.

    Have you watched any of the videos on If not, give them a look. They are super helpful.

    Keep going. You are doing well, really well.


  • It was a video on Whyquit that triggered my relapse, because the guy (Joel Spitzer) seemed to be quite negative about Champix. I'm going to keep on with Champix though. (I've relapsed by the way).

    But yes the videos are generally very helpful.

    Thanks for your support Mushen.

  • You will get there. Don't be disheartened.

    Well, Joel on advocates the only way to quit is cold turkey. If that were true, Champix would not be prescribed and my e-cig would not have worked either. His videos are great but it pays to remember we are all different and like it or not, there is more than one way to quit.

    It is hard but not so hard that you are not able to do it. It took me 3 goes. I read somewhere, the average amount of attempts is 5!

    Keep on trying.

    You will beat this.

  • Thanks Mushen. Well done for quitting. I'll see if i can make attempt number two count.

  • That's the spirit!

    Keep posting. 🙄

  • Yes I will. I'm feeling ok at the moment. Thanks

  • Join the club just get back up and keep going

  • Hi Lucilou, how is your quit journey going?

  • Better. Believe me lapses are not worth it. Guess you saw my post. Just need to work on mental attitude and learn to hate it. What about you?

  • Yes lapses are not worth it. It's so much nicer to be smoke free.

  • Hey Onedigeridoo - first of all YOU ARE DOING GREAT!!

    Now, you have to get the mindset of one day at a time, you have done really well to get by the hour by hour - YES, it does get easier as each day passes but it is a hard journey, if it wasn't nobody would be smoking!!

    I can see how much you want this and to be free, you really are doing so well, be proud and enjoy the freedom that you have and hopefully have for the rest of your life, I know you will achieve this :)

  • Thank you RoisinO1, i think i will acheive this too. Unfortunately I've just had a relapse so could you reset my counter please?

    It's a struggle but i think I'll get there.

    Thanks for your support Roisin.

  • Oh no Onedigeridoo - what made this happen in the space of a few hours from your positive post earlier???

    With regards 'whyquit', if finding it negative, don't read it, thats the only way to overcome negativity - take it away............

    Will set up your new day 1 badge now, please do up an SOS post as instructed below if struggling bad going forward?***please-read***

  • I read the post about SOSes. Thanks, i will try to remember that.

    Thank you very much for your help Roisin and I'm sorry to let you down.

  • Ah Onedigeridoo - sorry if I have come across this way, really rooting for you as you remind me of myself and how much I wanted it when I quit - you CAN do this, take a breather for a while and come back fighting......

  • You don't have anything to be sorry for RoisinO1. I'm going to get straight back to it now. In any case, the shops are shut now and I've thrown away my tobacco. I find i can cope better when I'm distracted. This place helps with loneliness which is a big problem.

    Thank you for your continued support, have a good night.

  • How is day 1 back on the horse going for you Onedigeridoo ?

  • Apart from half a mini cigar, day 1 went well.

    I'm a bit confused to be honest. My head is whirring.

  • Well its not really day 1 again so - hope to see you back here soon with us, we will be here for you....

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