The Blues

Hey ya'll! Okay, I feel fine over all except the throbbing headaches and waking up so tired lately. I get enough sleep, but it just doesn't feel like enough. Even when I eat, I have been having that hunger pang in my chest and belly. Know what I mean? It's like my body wants something, but I can't provide it if that makes sense. I have been cutting down my intake of food the last few days and it's almost that time of the...yea.. but even then it's the strangest feeling. I'm grateful my acne has slowly starting clearing up too.

I have more stamina now, but lately I've noticed that my chest tightens up and I feel winded more easily now then when I first quit. Is this a normal thing in the 3 month quitting time frame? I feel like I'm back pedaling... I don't want a cigarette, I just was wanting my health to improve more now at this milestone, not back track..

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  • I had the bad headaches for the first month but they are all but gone now. This week I finally began having more energy. I think everyone's quit is different so I am hoping you will improve but if you continue to feel so bad you may need a checkup at your doctor. Stay Strong.

  • Hey SheenaL , sorry to read the headaches and tiredness is still bothering you - I think it may not be smoking related as should be easing off at this stage of your quit. I would suggest going to your doctor for a check up especially with the chest tightness just to put your mind at ease - you could just be lacking in vitamins. Keep in touch and let us know how you are getting on..,

  • Hi Sheena, having been quit nearly 8 years, would you believe I can still remember most of the first year really well, on the site I helped run we actually called it the terrible 3s it seemed that for every multiple of 3s we hit it seemed worse, day 3, 3 weeks etc, my ultimate nemesis was nearly my undoing at 3 months, I had a headache that lingered for about 11 days and I even became convinced that because I'd quit smoking my BP had gone through the roof and I was going to keel over, one night I stayed on the site all night talking, if the site hadn't been available and a superb lady called Polly hadn't nearly froze to death in her shed I really think it would have been my undoing, it actually turned out to be a really simple thing.

    Having become slightly focused OCD on my quit I had forgotten to do one very important thing (no not breath LOL) I had become dehydrated through lack of fluid, I'd cut out caffeine and that meant the 15 or so cups of tea that went so well with my ciggy had dwindled over the months to maybe 3/4 hence not enough fluids and this was pointed out to me by my kind night partner, she had also suffered at around that time scale with the same symptom, upped the water and hey presto headaches cleared. Your doing incredibly well, a quarter of a year smoke free.

  • Thank you so much for your post. You're right, maybe I should up my intake of water. I already do drink water often, but I also like to enjoy one coca cola a day just for another taste, and sometimes just to boost some energy. Maybe the caffeine is contributing.. all I know is my jaws clench up more than they used to since I quit smoking, and even more so when I'm anxious or upset. Maybe that could be it too.. I just keep pushing forward in the hopes one day I'll wake up and these symptoms are gone. Thanks for your concern and for helping :)

  • Hey SheenaL , just a thought, have you gone to the dentist since you quit? If not may be worth a visit as could be contributing to the headaches?

  • Hi SheenaL - Roisin raised a very good point there about the dentist, my teeth deteriorated big time when I quit 2 years ago and due to a phobia I only got them looked at a month ago - I have a good bit of work to get done due to increased grinding of my teeth in my sleep (always grinded them but got worse when I quit). I used to wake up with a severe headache on and off. I advised my dentist of this and she said headaches were partially caused by my wisdom teeth and in time will have to get all 4 of them removed - so definitely worth a check up if not already done - well done on 100 days, you are doing great!!

  • Agree with above about seeing your dentist SheenaL - I am around the same stage as yourself and over the 100 days and have in the last few weeks gone to my dentist due to grinding and jaw clenching which has wore down some of my teeth that got drastically worse when I quit, definitely a check up is a great idea and could resolve the headaches - another thing that could be contributing to the headaches would be increased caffeine to replace the cigarettes and will affect your mood too, for the tiredness I would try some herbal supplements and a bit of walk in the fresh air every day....congrats on over 100 days!!

  • Hi Sheena,,,, Yes, this quit thing is certainly the utmost roller coaster ride we can take in our life..agreed on the mighty 3's......... 3 days, 3 months and then maybe the 3 year mark..I took the headaches as sudden boost of oxygen and the chest tightness as if my lungs can not supply enought oxygen to my body...Started jogging and playing with weights and although the COPD made it difficult it is much more exceptable.. My age allowed me to supplement with vitamins and really made a big difference....

    You are doing extremely well...hang on in there !!!

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