So here we go.... Champix Day One - No Smoking Day

No Smoking Day

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So here we go.... Champix Day One

TLJ019 Months Smoke Free

Hi, everyone, so I am writing all of the way from South Africa (been looking everywhere for South African blogs) but no luck, I hope it doesn't matter that I am not from UK/USA or wherever else, hehe.

So,last night as my first Champix day (evening tablet, after food as recommended) did not feel sick (thank goodness) but my head did feel fuzzy, in a nice way, seemed to make me more happy than anything else (so far so good then I guess).

I am still however smoking (as most people recommend this and only say that you should look into quitting 1-2 weeks into Champix. Even though I did still smoke after the tablet, i must say, the cravings werent really there as much, i still smoked, but i guess purely out of habit.

I just cannot wait until the day that i feel sick of smoking :)

For the record, my quit date has been set for the 24th of September 2018 - hopefully sooner!!

So excited to be a non smoker!!!!

Any tips for my days ahead from anyone??

Thanks, Tee.

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HercuValued Contributor

Hi T

Warm welcome to the forum and you have landed on the right page...Wonderful people and friends from all over the world here whom understand your quest...

Congratulations on the best decision of your life .....

I am a South African living and working in the wonderful Mozambique and quit a little more than 3 years ago with the aid of Champix...turning 60 this year I wish I stopped 40 years ago...

I was one of the lucky ones with little side effects except few incidents of nausea and of course the normal insomnia...

Always remember Champix will not make you quit but you must quit..

100% when you set your quit date about 12 to 14 days from now...Being a 60 a day smoker I reduced to 3 on day 9 and half a cig on day 12...and from there never again

To be a smoker who never wants to smoke again is a total mind change but so wonderful to be free and in control of my own life...I make my own happiness..I got breath...I can smell and taste....I am living...!!

Stay strong and always remember on this forum there is 100's feeling what you are going through..or have been there..

Strongs ......!!

TLJ019 Months Smoke Free in reply to Hercu

Thank you so much for your reply - i must say i have last smoked at 7am this morning (9.5 hours ago) and barely craved - yay! Step in the right direction.

Your post game me hope that i CAN and WILL beat this addiction - thank you.

I always say, i wish i could go back and slap myself for smoking that first sig - it has been 15+ years now - and I am done with this nasty addiction.

I have set my quit date, and if i carry on this way i know i will be done on that day,if not before then!

Thanks again!!!


Welcome TLJ01, congratulations on the best decision of your life to stop smoking, can't add anymore to the excellent advice from Hercu - look forward to seeing your day 1 post very soon - have a read of the pinned posts and Hercu and other peoples journeys as will help with what to expect when you stop.

Wishing you strength :)

Monica19691 Year Smoke Free

Hi TLJ01 Hercu has hit the nail on the head as always 😃

However, I would like to add, I gave up with Champix, only had the insomnia but when I git to day 13, even though they were tasting yak, it was enough for me to not want one, I had to mentally take the plunge. Basically as much as they are fantastic, they aren’t the miracle, there’s still an element of determination needed.

You will and can do this and any bad days, come here, everyone is amazing 💪💪💪💪

TLJ019 Months Smoke Free

Thank you so much everyone for the support - going to need it.

I must say though, on my Champix day 4 (0.5mg in the morning and 0.5mg at night) and it seems that the smokes just arent as inviting as they used to be - i crave but they quickly subside - had a smoke this morning and it tasted terrible (felt like i had just chainsmoked 10). So i think mentally and physically my body and brain is saying 'why did you used to enjoy this so much'. So i truly think that by the 24th September (quit date) i will be done and i wont look back.

Now after that, Hubby just needs to take the plunge.

But as i have learnt over the years, no on can force you to take the plunge - it is a decision someone needs to reach on their own. And i will never, no matter how strong i stand, force him to take the plunge.

But i figured, if he sees that i have done t he will follow soon.

Once again, thank you all for the support, looking forward to my first 24 hours smoke free!!


RoisinO1Administrator in reply to TLJ01

How are you getting on TLJ01 ?

TLJ019 Months Smoke Free in reply to RoisinO1

Dear Roisin, thanks for the concern, still going srong on the Champix (no side effects as yet, on my 8th champix day now, 1mg in the morning and 1mg in the evening)

Been waking up in the mornings since i started at around 3am, but luckily managed to go back to sleep, thank goodness)

My smoked per day have gone down quite a bit, down to about 6 per day, dont smoke between 7am and 5pm when im at work until i get home, but must say the pleasures arent quite there anymore - more a habit thing.

I am positive i will ace the 24th of september - holding thumbs!!

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to TLJ01

So good to read TLJ01 - keep up that positive and determined attitude, it will really help you to succeed :)

I forgot to mention in my first reply to you that we have members from all around the world here. I am from Ireland and have others from England, Spain, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand. You can check other members near you by clicking on your profile picture and select 'Find People Near Me' as below:



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TLJ019 Months Smoke Free

Hi everyone, hope you have all been well and staying strong.

Just a quick update on my progress, still been cutting down drastically on m smoking - with my quit date set for the 24/09 which is around the corner - excited!

As for the Champix - oh my soul, the last week has been torture (but regardless of this, they work like a charm).

Been struggling with severe headaches and nausea in the mornings, feeling tired all the time, and body aches everywhere - that all being said, the pamphlet warns you of these side effects - just really struggling to keep it together in the mornings, evenings are okay, but the mornings at work, pure hell!

Buuuuuut, i will stay strong and do this thing!!

Have a stunning day guys!!

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to TLJ01

Good to hear from you TLJ01 - keep that mindset that it is indeed exciting times ahead as your stop date approaches.

Below is a pinned post on tips with nausea and champix worth a read if not already done so:

TLJ019 Months Smoke Free in reply to RoisinO1

Thank you so much Roisin.

Really appreciate the kind words and help!!


RoisinO1Administrator in reply to TLJ01

Not at all TLJ01 :)

TLJ019 Months Smoke Free

Sooooo, officially 35 hours smoke free!

Yesterday was my quit day so had my last smoke on Sunday (23/09) at 10h00 in the evening. It is now Tuesday, 09h30 in the morning by my so i have passed my 24 hour mark - yay! And i must say, it was not as hard as i imagined it was going to be, still staying strong! I CAN DO THIS!!!

Cannot wait for the first week to be over!!

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to TLJ01

Ah huge congrats and well done TLJ01 hope day 2/3 is going well? After 3 days the nicotine is more or less out of your system and the mental battle begins as your body and mind begins the gradual process of rewiring, repairing and recovering. Stay close to us, loads of water, lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and a bit of a walk every day to clear the head. If you can, avoid caffeine (and alcohol) and sugary foods for the first few weeks until you are settled.

TLJ019 Months Smoke Free in reply to RoisinO1

Thank you so much Roisin - I am taking it day by day, and each day seems to be getting better. I haven't had severe withdrawals/cravings, which i am so happy about!

I am on my third day now - downloaded a STOP SMOKING app to keep me motivated as it counts the hours/days and weeks for me, which sounds silly, but each milestone is like a reward for me.

I am putting the money i would've spent on smokes away for our holiday in December - excited!

And on an even brighter note, Hubby decided last night his quit date is this coming Sunday - 30/09.

I have also not had any caffeine since my quit date (as coffee used to be a trigger for me), been drinking tea mainly and water when a craving comes.

I have also since last Sunday halved my Champix tablets, so instead of taking the 1mg i am taking 0.5mg in the morning and at night, as the side effects were getting a little too severe and it seems to now be at the perfect consistency - I am me again (I wasnt me for a while whilst taking the 1mg dose morning and night).

Anyways, thanks again Roisin for the kind words and wisdom.

I will beat this!!!!!

Hopeitsnottoolate6 Months Smoke Free in reply to TLJ01

Well done from a fellow south African! I'm on day 12. Wonderful to be free, but I must warn you, the cravings hit hard and strong at the most unexpected times. Stay strong... U got this!

TLJ019 Months Smoke Free in reply to Hopeitsnottoolate

Hi Hope, thank you. Yes, i have experienced those cravings, some of them worse than others, but i got through them. They were tough and had me in tears just about, but i survived. Each day is different but taking them day by day.

Getting there.

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