Hey and Happy Sunday, Ya'll! I was just wondering if anyone in their first few months quitting had an infestation of pimples? I usually have a clear face up until about a month ago. I do workout a lot and perspire a good bit, but I also wash my face daily. As soon as one pimple vanishes, another appears in a different area. I am so unpleased by this, but try and look at it as success bumps. Even still, it isn't pretty. Just wondering if anyone would know if there was like a specific reason as to why quitting smoking would cause pimples. Thanks in advance and have an awesome, smoke free day!

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  • Hey Sheena, I would take it like you said that it is success pimples!! It is just your body excreting the toxins I would imagine, drink plenty of water to help flush out - also high sugary intake could cause this too...

  • Okay, thanks!!

  • It is generally as Roisin describes, toxins being cleansed. In addition to water, zinc supplements can help.

  • Okay, thanks so much!

  • Sheena ...Yup ...Agreed, it is your body preparing for the beautiful time coming soon...Well done !!

    A few pimples that will go away is much more exceptable than the continious smell of an old rotten tobacco barn...!!!

    Strongs !!

  • Thanks!

  • Hi Sheena - yes I had a few problems with my skin esp pimples, so I just drank loads of water and they eventually cleared up after a few weeks


  • Thanks!

  • Hey rose001 , just coped there in 'people near me' that you are the closest to me - 61 miles away! I am in the Midlands in ROI just on NI border, where are you?

  • Hi Roisin, I am in south Derry area - where is the Midlands is it near the Newry border


  • Just on the County Fermanagh border, Enniskillen about 20 minutes away from me :)

  • you are def not far away from me at all - have you heard of magherafelt??

  • Yeah, but never been, visited Belfast, Lurgan and my brother got married last year in the Tullylagan Country House in Cookstown last year, it was so beautiful and picturesque....

  • Cookstown is just few miles away - Magherafelt is a lovely wee town, you def visit it

  • Yep normal in my experience. I also now get hay fever. Probably because all those little hairs in my respiratory system are now recovering from years of smoke damage. Pros and Cons but definitely overall feel healthier as a no smoker. Keep going. It's a phase you'll get through. 😊

  • Thanks!

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